the semi-Final was the end of Astralis at the ESL Pro League finals in Odense.

After a thriller against Mousesports had the danes to eventually see them beaten in the third map, even though the danes led throughout 14-9 along the way. A big disappointment for the players and all the many fans who had held out for at 02.00 on the night to see finalepladsen be downloaded home.

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For many experts and fans around the ESL Pro League finals in Odense, it was the Danish fans, who disappointed the most.

along the Way in the series against Mousesports was the audience multiple times a tad too loud in situations where Astralis-the players could use the sound from the audience as information. For example, where there was an enemy in the game.

Several experts tweetede along the way, where the bad style it was. Among other things, Chad Burchill, who analyzes the Counter-Strike of ESL.

– Yo Astralis-the fans in the Arena. Stop ruining the match integrity.

– If Astralis did not come out with a message after the semi-final, where they condemn the fans’ behaviour, so it is an unheard of high level of hypocrisy.

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Many volunteered in the same chorus during the semi-final, and while there were technical problems on the stage, had the Danish expert Jacob ‘Pimp’ Winneche also take the microphone and ask the audience to respect the game.

In nederlagets moment was Astralis’ Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen is not late to address the problem.

On Twitter wrote the Danish profile as follows:

– thank you so much for the support all together. Remember to keep a clean atmosphere, so the game is not destroyed. There is no one who is interested in getting help! Sorry we do not provided the level we wanted to today! We did our best!

Several have suggested that the players on stage must be put in sound-proof boxes, as is the case at other tournaments.