Gudmundur Gudmundsson, Iceland’s national coach, was disappointed with the icelandic defeat to Hungary at the european championships.

the Defeat also sent Denmark out of the tournament, and Gudmundsson, former Danish national coach, was disappointed by his team’s exit.

– It is really sin. I will not speak to me so much about Denmark, but I’m just disappointed in the danes ‘ behalf.

– This fight could have helped them, but we were not good enough. I must just say, that it is, says Gudmundsson.

Several thousand Danish fans supported the Island side by side with the icelandic fans, but it was not enough for the icelandic victory.

– The Danish fans were amazing, and I want to say thank you for your help and the amazing support. It was really nice to experience. I am sorry that we could not help them, says Gudmundsson.

In 2016, led Gudmundsson as the national coach of Denmark for the OLYMPIC gold, and he could feel that the Danish fans at a time paid tribute to him in the Malmö Arena.

– I got a great support. I am very happy with it. I have always felt a very positive atmosphere from all of the danes. It has never been different in my time as national coach, and after that I stopped.

– I have only good feelings about my time in Denmark. I must say one more time. We did everything we could. We can promise you, assure he.

In the match itself threw the Island a lead of five goals in the first half and ended up losing 18-24 to Hungary.

– I am very disappointed. We played a great first half. We gave everything in the entire game, but we played badly in the second half.

– We are going for an OLYMPIC qualification, so we will not get behind to a team who are struggling the same as us, and it makes the Hungary. It means incredibly much to us, he says.

Hungary goes on to mellemrunden with two points, while Iceland takes zero points, etc.

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