Updated at 9: 40: Storebælt advised against driving with the vindfølsomme vehicles

It will be a wet and very windy over the whole country.

It is actually so wet and windy that the DMI has issued a notice that on Sunday can get stormy gales with gusts up to gale force. DMI heralds also for elevated water levels in the Wadden sea.

– It has already begun. It blows really well up today, says Henning Gisselø, duty meteorologist at DMI.

– It will also rain for virtually all. We have not issued any notice, but people will become well wet, if they go outside, he continues.

The strong winds start at the Wadden sea in Jutland. Along the afternoon doing it slightly up to the west.

– It is not only that, it’s going to blow. It starts in the corner, and then spread it over the rest of the country, says Henning Gisselø.

– I hope not, sitting too much christmas decorations around that can sit loose. Then you have something hanging in the garden or similar, you can consider to take it into, he adds.

If the wind gets fat, there may also be broken branches around.

Even if you put her into his car, where he is in the shelter of Sunday’s rain, one must still be aware when there comes to it the strong winds.

– It may be that there are some bridges that are closing because of the wind, says Henning Gisselø.

From the Sunday morning do not recommend the Sund & Bælt vindfølsomme vehicles to drive over the great belt.

in Addition, there has been set a speed limit at 80 kilometres an hour. They expect to lift the speed limit at 12 o’clock.

The precipitation which falls on Sunday, will most of all be rain. But it may well sneak a single snowflake or two.

– Some of it may fall as sleet, especially in Jutland. If there are snowflakes in the day, it will not be lying, for it will be between four and seven degrees. But you may well find a little white in the rainfall, says the officer at DMI.