the Police are massively present at a roundabout at Bjarkesvej in Elsinore after a violent assault, which, according to the communication unit at the north Zealand Police has resulted in four injured.

Two of the four had allegedly been stabbed with a knife, but no one should, according to the police to be in mortal danger.

After the attack two men were seen running from the scene, but the police can not yet disclose anything about the background of the violent episode.

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Both the kiosk and the barber business, has interested the police technicians after the violent incidents. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

One of the two who fled from the spot, has been arrested, after he shortly after the incident returned to the site and turned in to the police.

He is according to police, 37-year-old and comes from Snekkersten.

According to Helsingør Dagblad newspaper showed two men on Friday morning up in the kiosk, where the four injured were attacked with both knives and baseball bats. A person broke his arm after a blow with a bat, while the at least two received superficial cuts.

Extra the Magazine’s reporter on the spot tells, to three police cars and three ambulances are kept in front of a now cordoned off area, where there is a kiosk and a hairdresser.

the Police action took place initially in the kiosk, but the technicians, who were wearing blue one-piece, went subsequent in time to investigate the barber shop, which is right next to it.

According to witnesses on the spot have a helicopter also landed at the scene of the crime, before it shortly after it flew away again.