A afskedssalut of a second the world was just fired after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

the Sender was Renault-the team’s top boss, Cyril Abiteboul, who is the good gal in the rattle after a disappointing season.

Particularly one rule, he has been harm, and now he felt that it was time to get rid of the frustration loose.

We should try to make it short:

In the Formula box, they have six drivers in the top teams so big advantage, that they almost always put themselves on the top spots in the qualification tournament, leaving only four seats in the last kvalrunde – usually from the seventh to the tenth.

the top teams moving on from Q2 on medium tyres, while midterholdene struggling on the soft tyres for a seat in the fine company.

the Drivers, as when in Q3, starts the song contest on the tires, as they have been running in Q2, while those outside the top 10 can choose for themselves.

In the season’s last race qualified Renault drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg as the number eight and ten and had to start on the soft the soft tyres. However, they were set during the race by Sergio Perez and Daniil Kvyat, who could take a more optimal deck strategy.

Now, Abiteboul is sour, because he believes the rule that the tyres from the Q2 to be used from the start, is insane.

– It gives such a great advantage to those behind, he says to Motorsport.com.

Abiteboul is very significant in its criticism. Photo: Jan Sommer

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In F1’s strategy group was the talk of dropping the rule, and after the Renault-bossens head, they agreed to do it. But the big teams and some of their customer teams went against, when it came to the crunch, so now he feels good røvrendt.

– So, we came to the vote, and then returned it. I’m outraged over it, he says, and continues his spiel on the top teams, there has been this rule in the game.

– It is a stupid rule that should be removed. No one does anything, and I’m frankly outraged to see it happen again.

He admits, however, that Renault themselves have taken advantage of the on some occasions, f.ex. in Japan and Mexico, when they started outside the top ten.

The French team, which in the past have had Kevin Magnussen in the cockpit, ended up as number five in the overall kontruktørstilling, but was hard pressed by the Toro Rosso along the way. McLaren took the title as the best of the second-best team.

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