The Spanish team FC Barcelona translates for the first time for the most money of all football clubs.

It appears by the annual Football Money League report from audit firm Deloitte, which measures clubs ‘ turnover.

According to the report, traded Barcelona for 840,8 million, equivalent to 6.3 billion crowns in the season 2018/2019.

It is also the first time that any team has a turnover of over 800 million euro a season.

Barcelona takes over the throne from the long-time rival Real Madrid in the season 2017/2018 generated 750,9 million euros.

Real Madrid’s revenue rose by 7.4 million euros to 757,3 million euros, but it is only enough for second place.

FC Barcelona tops the pengelisten in european football

The total turnover for the 20 financially largest football clubs in Europe rose in 2018/19 to rekordbeløbet 9.3 billion euros.

Here each of the clubs revenue, according to audit firm Deloitte. All figures are rounded into millions of euro.

1. Barcelona (Spain) 840,8.

2. Real Madrid (Spain) 757,3.

3. Manchester United (England) 711,5.

4. Bayern Munich (Germany) 660,1.

5. Paris Saint-Germain (France) 635,9.

6. Manchester City (England) 610,6.

7. Liverpool (England) 604,7.

8. Tottenham Hotspur (England) 521,1.

9. Chelsea (England) 513,1.

10. Juventus (Italy) 459,7.

11. Arsenal (England) 445,6.

12. Borussia Dortmund (Germany) 377,1.

13. Atlético Madrid (Spain) 367,6.

14. Inter (Italy) 364,6.

15. Schalke 04 (Germany) 324,8.

16. Roma (Italy), 231.

17. Lyon (Italy) 220,8.

18. West Ham United (England) 216,4.

19. Everton (England) 213.

20. Naples (Italy) 207,4.

Source: Deloitte Football Money League.

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In third place is the English team Manchester United, which amounted to 711,5 million euros.

Then came the German Bayern Munich and the French Paris Saint-Germain.

the Top 20 on the list amounted to a total of 9.3 billion euros, equivalent to almost 70 billion crowns. It is also a new record and an increase of 11 percent compared to the season before.

44 percent of the total revenue from the top-20 comes from the tv revenue, while 40 percent is categorized as commercial revenue.

Something surprising is the fact that Tottenham are the London club, who traded for the most money, and thus turns both Chelsea and Arsenal for the first time since the season 1996/1997.

the Premier League has a total of eight clubs in the top-20.

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