Now it is turned real. The cause of the deadly train crash on the great belt 2. January was the lack of locking.

The typing of the Aib in the final report on the rail accident on the great belt, which happened the first working day after the new year.

The lack of a lock made that a semi-trailer from a freight train from the company DB Cargo could blow and hit an IC4-trains running in the direction towards Sealand.

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the Accident claimed the lives of eight passengers killed while 18 passengers were injured.

Since the reason for the accident has been investigated by, among others, the Accident investigation board, which has now published its final conclusions.

Police have not finished investigating if there is a judicial aftermath of the train crash on Bridge 2. January 2019.

It informs Lars Bræmhøj at a press conference Wednesday.

In this report, the Accident investigation board, that’s the only likely scenario is that sættevognstraileren was loaded with the kingpin in the stool, but the stool was not locked prior to the accident.’

Further says:

‘the Aib considers that the lack of locking to be the reason that the empty and therefore relatively light semi-trailer could be blown by its place in the to and collide with the L 210.’

Recording here shows godstogets passage until the 300 metres before the collision with the passagertoget. Video: Aib

the Accident investigation board points to a number of things that could have had an influence on the lack of locking.

this points out the among other things, læsseinstrukserne on ulykkestidspunkt not included in the functional checking of the podium before reading. But it was also not required.

the Commission also writes that ‘the operator’s control of the podium was locked, when a semi-trailer was loaded, was based on the manufacturer’s manual. This control according to the manual was not sufficient to ensure that the podium was locked.’

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In the manual said that the podium was locked when the handle was fully withdrawn, and the carving was not visible. But the podium could be unlocked – even when the handle was far inside, and the carving was not visible.

Already in march presented the Aib preliminary report for the accident. Here it was concluded that the locking mechanisms in several of the stools has had a sluggishness.

In the preliminary report said that 16 persons were injured, in addition to the eight deaths. It was four seriously injured. In the new report, the figure is, however, revised upwards, as a total of 18 were injured – including four seriously.

It blew 2. January, when the accident happened on the great belt Bridge.

the Accident investigation board writes that the wind, which was at the Vestbroen this morning, ‘was sufficient to overturn a semi-trailer clear of the stool and pull the kingpin free of stool at the godsvognen.’

It was also true, when the kingpin was properly placed in the stool, if the stool was not locked.

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If sættevognstraileren was correctly positioned and locked, it would not be able to blow free of the stool and the chariot of the wind, says the report.

The from the DSB was totalled by the accident. It can be renovated, but the DSB has decided that when the final report from the Accident investigation board was released, so should the train be cut up and destroyed.

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It is out of respect for the deceased, relatives and the staff, that nothing of the crashed train must be recycled.

After the accident, which is the largest togkatastrofe in Denmark for over 30 years, was the wreckage transported to a workshop in Aarhus.