HERNING, denmark (Ekstra Bladet): Thank you for the christmas beer. What a adventsbryg as FC Midtjylland and AGF served to close the autumn season on.

A match was a testimony of how far toys r us has come in the course of 2019.

The White, clothed with julemandsrødt, delivered a gift to its followers and to all those who dream of the excitement of the championship. On eight lavish AGF-minutes at the start of the second half gave the wolves a lesson, which they last experienced when Alfredo Morelos, and Rangers FC was over MCH Arena 8. august 2019.

First combined Mustapha Bundu over AGF’s right flank, where he hjørnefalget pushed the ball back to Brother Blume, who whipped a venomous post in front of the goal, where Patrick Mortensen was close to getting forward to the ball.

instead continued the ball through the field, where the Casper Højer Nielsen got plenty of time to pick out the spot for its completion. He struck the ball past the FCM-keeper Jesper Hansen and inside on the line tried Erik Defends in vain to prevent the ball from going in for 1-1.

At the stadium, the goal was announced as an own goal – a tough assessment, because it looked to Højers end was on its way in the net.

Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen/Ritzau Scanpix

Just 30 seconds played of the second half, and AGF had just embarked on a period of time, which will be a topic of conversation for the summer, if FC Midtjylland ends up with no gold.

FC Midtjylland reached just to sound before an outright collapse unfolded to the eyes of the more than 11,000 spectators at the topholdets home.

Again an attack led until over AGF’s left side, where the former FCM-plays Alexander with illustrations with great precision found Jon Thorsteinsson. Matched against the brazilian back Paulinho rose two elegantly up and thundered his header under the crossbar for 2-1 to the AGF.

A minute later it began to look like a collapse, as Mustapha Bundu whipped them forward and selflessly put the Brother Blume up to 3-1.

Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen/Ritzau Scanpix

Eight minutes of the game after the break and AGF had set unique in scandinavia because the sovereign førerhold to the wall. It could even be gone even worse for just a minute after it was Mustapha Bundu close on swipe alone through, but the humiliation was averted.

The first 45 minutes looked like anything else that FC Midtjylland have so often profited from this fall. A strong period in the second half of the first half ended with the AGF finally had to succumb, en Sory Kaba with a wonderful pass found Awer Mabil, which could make it 1-0 after 35 minutes with a nice helflugter.

It was, however, a scoring, who fell in a battle, which the AGF had already shown, that they had come to topholdets home to play with. As a rule, is the only FC Copenhagen, which is able to challenge the wolves with so much substance on its own grass.

But still it was not a first half, that signaled the sensational development that awaited after the break.

And FC Midtjylland showed after the shocking start to the second half of the topholdets willingness to ward off a shocking conclusion of the fall, but in the face of the hard fighting visitors lacked the final sharpness of the image.

Evander knocked an enormous opportunity tårnhøjt over. Junior Brumado hit the post. And in the final stage, it became too much for Evander, who lost his head completely and got two warnings within two minutes, as he thus stands to the quarantine, when the spring begins.

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