The radical member of the Parliamentary Bureau, EU rapporteur Jens Rohde, has followed the coverage of Morten Messerschmidts (DF) scandal hit partialliance, Meld, extremely close in several years.

But the last-day revelations in the Extra Leaf of the fake hotelkontrakter to 200,000 crowns and a false invoice from the Danish company Primetime on 465.625 crowns (50,000 euros plus vat) doesn’t make Jens Rohde rarely tongue-tied.

– The only thing you can write from me, is that I will not comment on it. Because it looks unusually serious out, the Extra Magazine is presenting today. Therefore, I will just leave the matter to the police. It looks so seriously out that I do not believe, there must be policy in the case, says Jens Rohde, who has been in the European Parliament, along with Morten Messerschmidt in ten years.

Attorney and partner, Erbil Kaya in the law firm of the same name who specialise in forgery and financial crimes, has seen the fake invoice (bill).

– If it is to be believed, that has not been issued such an invoice, in fact – and this is it, the right of the issuer categorically say – so, is this an example of a forgery, says Erbil Kaya. According to the lawyer, is a typical purpose of a forgery to commit fraud in the same boat.

Primetime-director Casper Hyldekvist stands as the issuer on the fake bill. It is appeared in the Melds the bookkeeping during the investigation, as the EU’s Antisvindelkontor, Olaf, has completed the tvangslukkede partialliance and the related fund, Feld.

the Invoice is addressed to Morten Messerschmidt and his adviser in the European Parliament, Kristian Wederkinck Olesen.

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The fake bill of 62.500 euros including vat, lacking both Primetimes logo, are not equipped with the invoice number and Amagerbrogade is spelled wrong.

But to Ekstra Bladet informs Primetime-director Casper Hyldekvist, that ‘there is talk about a fake invoice’, as the company ‘knows nothing about the’.

the Director: We hope the police

– We can clearly say that we have neither performed the task, received the amount specified, prepared, or sent this invoice, which incidentally contains a number of obvious deficiencies in relation to the way we normally bill on.

– In other words, this is a false invoice, of which we nothing know. It, we have informed SØIK (fraud squad), as the matter now lies with, and hopefully you will come here to the bottom of the case, says Primetime-director, Casper Hyldekvist.

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the Unity of the EU rapporteur, Soren Søndergaard, sat in the European Parliament in the period 2007-2014. He knows, therefore, like Jens Rohde – the system from the inside.

– of course, It is clear that it is not allowed to commit crime. Not for the politicians. If it happened, it must of course be punished. So I am satisfied that the police are investigating the case, says Søren Søndergaard.

But a precondition for that it can be established whether there is a committed crime is, of course, that there be a police investigation. So it can be presented in a court of law, which decide whether someone is guilty. There can always be many explanations.

– It is evident now is that the DF will not come with explanations. You have imposed confidentiality with regard to the Bagmandspolitiets investigation?

– It is a known maxim in English law that one does not have a duty to avoid self-incrimination, says Søren Søndergaard, who will await the police investigation.

the Danish policy – 7. dec. 2019 – at. 09:22 Mystery of fake DF-contract: I have never been in Denmark

EL-politikerens namesake, the Danish people’s party, press officer, also called Søren Søndergaard, writes in an sms to Ekstra Bladet, that the party not speaking out on the matter, before the fraud squad has concluded, but:

‘We are aware that the authorities have such an invoice, but do not know from where it originated. And under all circumstances, be seen not to be paid, why in each case not used EU funds to cover the expense.’

Morten Messerschmidt was the chairman of the Meld, since the false invoice was made. His erstwhile advisor, Kristian Wederkinck, denies that he has crafted disputed bill from Primetime.

– I have not made it. I’m not an idiot, he said to Ekstra Bladet Saturday.

I’m not an idiot

The fake Primetime-bill is also addressed to the Messerschmidts former toprådgiver, Kristian Wederkinck. He confirms that he sought for the campaign on social dumping in the EU. But the origin of the fake Primetime bill at € 50,000 exclusive of Danish vat (equivalent to 465.625 crowns including vat), he rejects any knowledge of.

– I’ve got the handle by the police. I have asked for digital traces on the document, and if the money is paid out. And I have asked the police to call Sign and Feld secretary-general to ask him about how the invoice is ended on Melds office, says Kristian Wederkinck.

the Invoice indicates a insiderjob. Performed by one who has known for Primetimes bank details and previous contact with the Meld?

– I have no idea where it comes from. I have asked the police to check the summary tab to see who the hell who has made it. Someone must have sent it in the mail. But not to me. And I have not sent it.

Have you spoken with Messerschmidt on it?

– Yes. I have asked whether it is him, who has sent it. It he rejects.

the Invoice amount, including vat, corresponds exactly to 62.500 euro. The amount will go again in many places. Bl.a. second on a list, as DF published in October 2016, and in a note from the EU parliament?

– I must be you answer guilty. So it must be something DF has found out. Or also something Morten at. Or the secretary-general. I have not made it. I’m not an idiot.

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Morten Messerschmidt and Kristian Wederkinck. Photo: Jacob Jørgensen/Ritzau Scanpix

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Sign & Feld

The european partialliance Meld and the related fund, Feld was in 2015 tvangsopløst because of the abuse of EU funds.

Former EU-politician Morten Messerschmidt (DF) was chairman, and fellow party member Anders Vistisen was a cashier at the Sign.

According to the EU’s antisvindelkontor, members have committed deception in order to achieve an undue gain to the detriment of the European Parliament’s economic interests.

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