A decade-long lawsuit is settled – and Peter Bindner has to pay a compensation of more than 1.500.000 crowns.

He was in the company PB Action Fest and event Agency, booked to arrange a company party for Bygma A/S. the Party was to be held for about 1600 employees in the summer of 2017, but already in June 2016 the contract was concluded.

There was actually a track of it all, and Bygma pre-paid an agreed sum of 500,000 crowns for Peter Bindners business.

Shortly before the feast was to be held, would Peter Bindner, however, have more money.

– We have sent out the invitations and made aware that we are open for registration.

– the Same afternoon calling Peter Bindner to me and says that now he sends an e-mail that he changes the modality of payment, says assistant to the director at Bygma, Helle Grevy tooth wear, to Ekstra Bladet.

so That is gone many months from agreement was signed, to Peter Bindner suddenly will have more money prior to the event.

– It seems so cunning. It is the day we open for registration, so now we have just reported it out to the employees. Now roll it just speeding along, and then he comes a few hours after and says that he has new requirements, says Helle Grevy tooth wear.

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Helle Grevy tooth wear is assistant to the director at Bygma Gruppen A/S and was responsible for a large part of the contact with Peter Bindner. Photo: Bygma A/S

Here begins the matter to the run of the track. The executive board takes over the dialogue, and the parties have a longer correspondence both over the mail and calls.

– We are not in any doubt about it, he is trying, it is to get us to terminate the agreement. For if we terminate the agreement, then Bygma pay for it all, says Helle Grevy tooth wear.

It failed the executive board to speak Peter Bindner to reason, and they end up, therefore, to refer the matter to their lawyer, Jan Presfeldt.

Bygma is nevertheless of the opinion that Peter Bindner not want to implement the event, and their lawyer asks him to therefore him to confirm that he will continue to stand for the party out from the original agreement.

this answered Peter Bindner, that he considered the email from the lawyer as ‘threats’, and he took it as a sign that the man from Bygmas side wanted to terminate the agreement.

After many letters back and forth between the lawyer and Peter Bindner, the ends of the Bygma, therefore, to terminate the agreement 7. april.

– It is because of all what he has said; he has lied and deceived. So we agree with our attorney that we would like to thank no, says Helle Grevy tooth wear.

20. april turns the PB Action back and claim they never received a notice of termination. The termination is otherwise sent to Peter Bindner in the mail, he has used throughout the course.

He has also received the via the letter in the mailbox at his business address, and later that same afternoon, he has spoken on the phone with Lisa Grevy tooth wear, in which he referred to the relevant termination, which he had received in a letter.

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Peter Bindner has a large number of sure customers who do not feel fairly treated. Photo: Ole Buntzen / POLFOTO

The kept however not in the right, and 15. October 2018 won Bygma, therefore, the case against Peter Bindner in the district court.

the Decision appealed against he to The high Court, and thus had to Bygma wait an additional year before the matter was settled.

Peter Bindner was ordered to pay 1.225.000 € to Bygma. The amount covers both the prepaid money and compensation for the loss, as Bygma part by making an agreement with a new organizer.

in Addition to Peter Bindner pay 180.325 dollars in legal costs from the district court, and assigned court costs of 130.000 dkk from the court of appeal, Peter Bindner therefore pay a total of 1.534.325 crowns for Bygma – in addition to the interest.

– Man, was much provoked by him. I know what is true and what is not true, so it has been tremendously frustrating to hear that they do not have to keep to the truth. That, I think, was hard.

– But we have been enormously pleased that both the district court and the high court has been able to figure it out, says Helle Grevy tooth wear.

No comments

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with Peter Bindner, who say that he does not have any comments on the matter. He will apparently try and get it tried by the Supreme court.

I have no comments, since the matter is not completed.

– In what way?

– Well, it is not so difficult; if it persists, then it is not completed.

But there’s just been handed down judgment 27. november?

– Yeah, but there are the three courts in Denmark, no?

Okay, so you want to appeal to the Supreme court?

– I will not comment on it, I said to you right before, says Peter Bindner.