Six of the EU’s major nations pushing to create a new supervision to prevent money laundering in the extension of the comprehensive illegality, among others, Danske Bank.

In a joint statement requires Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Latvia, to the EU’s new supervisory authority, or to the current supervision, The European Banking authority (EBA), will be strengthened.

the Need for a EUROPEAN regulatory authority have emerged after repeated failures from national supervision to detect and prevent money laundering, states the declaration.

the Countries ‘ call comes only a few months after the EU agreed to revise the EBA’s mandate to provide supervision new measures to tackle money laundering.

Several players have since pointed out that it was not enough.

The six nations also calls for new rules against money laundering, which will be the sixth review of these provisions.

the Money came last year at the top of the agenda in the EU, after the year before was known, that these irregularities probably occurred in Danske Bank.

Big suspicious amount of money was flowed through the bank’s now-closed branch in Estonia.

Danske Bank has in a study found that there has been washed money white “for a very large part” of a total amount of 1500 billion dollars