– I’m putting it mildly, furious.

– I have just received a letter from Kundeambassadøren in the DSB regarding compensation for track work.

– The economic compensation, which I believe should be on 56.500:12 = 4708,33 kr, as I continuously over 48 months without a break at all have paid a total of 56.500 x 2 = 113.200, actually means nothing.

– But I have damn well been sitting in the same train as all the others and rotted up, while we have had delays and all sorts of other crap.

– Seems kraftedme, it is call service!!!

so begins Bjarne H., as you may recall from the rather furious post ’Had expected more of DSB: Bjarne pay 56.500 for the season pass’, which was on the way, DSB chose to pay compensation to the many travelers who have had delays on the Ringsted-track.
And about the rejection, he – who considers that he pays so much, that he can be one of the ’DSB’s most expensive customers had received.
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DSB chose – after months and months of track work at Ringsted to compensate commuters for their afflictions with an offer that in a two month period from the 1. august to the 30. september could buy two months of commuter passes and just pay for a month. And more than 2400 commuters have, therefore, received $ 2000. in the compensation.

Bjarne believes that he was just as entitled to compensation, but now that he has got the final rejection from the DSB’s kundeambassadør, he would like rage out on the nation!. His letter continues thus:

I bought the season pass DSB1 for 56.500 dkk. the last two years.

– But the product is deleted, and I have to buy commuter passes with monthly renewal to a higher price and poorer conditions.

– My annual pass expired d. 19. september, so I’m missing 10 days to the d. 30. september in order to obtain compensation.

– I will be punished for having bought my season pass at the wrong time (19. september 2018), and the DSB has not given me the opportunity to renew my annual pass d. 19. september 2019, because they have discontinued the product annual pass.

– I should have bought a commuter passes d. 19. september 2019 in order to be entitled to compensation, but due to the holiday I purchase it first d. 11. October – and thus after the deadline d. 30. september.

– Is it my mistake? Not, it is completely on the moon in there …

– It is poor bordering on the svinske, writes Bjarne, but what are you thinking?