It has been a few influencers in Denmark, who can not boast of their own tv series. Irina Olsen is no exception.

on Wednesday, Dplay premiere of their latest wager, ‘The Olsens’, it follows Irina, her husband, Morten, and their daughter, Allessia, in their everyday lives – and it is not going quiet.

Already in the first section Morten – also known as DJ Faustix – jokket well and truly in the spinach, when he turns up with his new wife over the radio.

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the Fracture occurs in the P3-program ‘The black box’, in all its simplicity goes out to the hosts confiscate your phone to see what is hiding in it. They review everything from search history to’s facebook activity, and text messages.

But worst of all they send you is also a false message out to the guest network. Morten’s friends could, therefore, suddenly see the following message on their phones:

‘I’m afraid it’s not going to work between me and Irina. Reality tv has killed our relationship, and I can no longer be in it. I just think you should know.’

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Not surprisingly falls joke not in good soil with the wife.

Fuck, where is the game. I just think that it takes a completely wrong turn, says Irina.

however, It is not the lie about the couple’s break that drops her most for the chest.

– The worst is that they are trying to get me to appear, as if he can’t keep to the spotlight that come with being in a relationship with me, says Irina.

– If I was Irina, I had perhaps not think it was so much fun, accepts her sister, Victoria Babenko.

Morten takes on the contrary the situation with lofty calm, even though he makes it clear that he expects an earful when he comes home.

– It is a classic example of that, men simply think too slowly, says Irina languish.

‘The Olsen’ has premiere on Dplay on Wednesday, 22. January. In the middle of February rolls it over also screen on Channel 4.

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