Nick Mowbray from New Zealand said at a young age goodbye to the comfortable university life, moved to Hong Kong with his brother and started the company Zuru, which produces toys.

It should prove to be a really wise decision for now puts he for billion, after the shopping giant WallMart decided to lead his products.

the Story of the successful journey to be told in the BBC programme ‘The Boss’.

Mowbray brothers started small, and already as teenagers, they made their own home-made toys, which they sold by going from door-to-door.

When Nick was only 18 years old, they moved to China to give it a shot as a full-time toy manufacturer, in 2003, without actually having the store set-up with them.

We were so naive and had no clue what we were doing, he says.

One or the other, however, they must have done really. With a loan of, what that corresponds to in the vicinity of the 130,000 crowns, the two with the help of their sister turned Zuru to a huge company with more than 5000 employees, who expect to sell for a staggering 3.2 billion dollars in the year.

– We had a month where we lost money, and I can remember that I sat down with my brother and said that it should never happen again.

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today, producing Zuru toys, which are sold in 120 different countries around the world. But it is not all, who are just happy with what Zuru sends on the market.

Thus is the patent-war with the Danish Lego, which accuses Zuru to have copied more of their characters. It gives Mowbray not much.

– Our products are completely different than Legos. Lego is conflict-oriented, and just want to have their monopoly, he says of the Danish national treasure.

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Although pengetræet grows and grows, not everything is joy and gammen for Nick Mowbray. After more abroad has he been forced to move back to New Zealand to care for his health.

He is affected by Crohn’s disease which is a chronic bowel disease, where the immune system in the body creates an inflammatory response in the gut. Of which you get severe symptoms among which abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss.

the Disease has, among other things, resulted in, to Nick Mowbray has lost about 20 kilos in the course of the last ten years, and last year alone he was through three operations.

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