At the equator of the 12-M campaign and in front of the Dalí Museum in Figueres, Alberto Núñez Feijóo announced yesterday that Dolors Montserrat will repeat as head of the PP list in the elections to the European Parliament on June 9. The decision had been made, but the popular leader had reserved the moment to make it public. “Catalonia – he said – will represent all of Spain in the Eurochamber”.

The election, as explained by Feijóo, responds to the work done by the Catalan leader in recent years at the Eurocambrai, she emphasized her defense of the rule of law, her opposition to independence and Sanchism and her commitment to freedom. But above all, he emphasized the fact that the election of Montserrat symbolizes the PP’s commitment to Catalonia.

With his eyes fixed on the construction of his project, the president of the PP indicated the importance he attaches to its involvement and implementation in Catalonia and its role throughout Spain. For this reason, he stressed that Dolors Montserrat – “Catalan to the bone” – no one should teach her about what it means to be Catalan or what her land is.

The MEP, who leads the campaign of Alejandro Fernández, thanked the appointment and pointed out her commitment to defend the “Spaniards and Catalans in Europe”. Targeting Pedro Sánchez’s political offensive, he pointed out that he will fight against the privileges that “the refugees and those who want to continue in power like Puigdemont and Sánchez” want.

The until now spokeswoman for the PP in the European Parliament also indicated that the entire popular candidacy will send the message to Europe that “Spain does not support the shame of Sánchez” in a great country “that has a lousy Government”. The official presentation of the PP’s candidacy will take place on May 9 in Barcelona.

The former Minister of Health also wanted to remember that in the last legislature the PP tried to deal with Sánchez’s “infamous amnesty” in the European institutions.

As number two on the popular list, Carmen Crespo, former councilor in Andalusia, will be presented in a candidacy that also includes three members of Ciutadans: Adrián Vázquez, Susana Solís and Eva Poptcheva.

After the PSOE won the last European elections in Spain, with 20 seats against the PP’s 13, the objective of the popular is to win, distancing itself from the socialists.

In Catalonia, the battle for 12-M is being fought these days, but Sánchez and Feijóo have also started filming for 9-J, in which the socialists and the populists face off again all over Spain.