As the Danish people’s Party in the beginning of december was hung out for possible misuse of EU money 200,000 dollars, it was too much for Bent Pedersen.

Quickly grabbed the former councillor of the same party in Ringsted to the keyboard and made a complaint to the police of, respectively, the member of parliament Morten Messerschmidt (DF), former Mep Anders Vistisen (DF), as well as the party’s secretary and lokalformand in Ringsted Jeanie Nørhave.

It writes Dagbladet Ringsted.
Absurd review
the Notification was sent to Copenhagen and in the Middle – and West zealand Police the 7. december.

It was the same day, where an Extra Leaf could bring the news to Jeanie Nørhave, according to the presented documents, in the newspaper, through the signing of written contracts was released to be a hotel manager, as DF had kept sommergruppemøder at the Hotel Koldingfjord, and the Color Hotel Skagen in 2014 and 2015. The cost for the two hotelkontrakter would be financed by EU-funds from partialliancen Sign.

– It offends me really, that it can be done. That just because it is EU, so I think that the money is as far away from citizens ‘ pockets, that you just can use them as you like, says Bob Pedersen about the possible forgery, that is the focal point of the criminal complaint.

the Notification is not only directed against the highest ranks of the party and Jeanie Nørhave, but also against her husband, regionsrådsmedlem and deputy mayor in Ringsted, Per Nørhave (DF), and the son, councillor Daniel Nørhave (DF) in Ringsted, denmark.

Both the man and the son says to the Newspaper that they find the report ‘absurd’.

Jeanie Nørhave says to Dagbladet, that she did not want to comment on the case at the moment, but that she supports her husband and son’s opinions on the absurdity in the notification.

in any case, Bent Pedersen, however:

– I know, of course, that they have not been involved directly, but when you’re family and all three sit in the same batch, can’t avoid to talk together about the dinner table. Otherwise, is there something wrong, says Bob Pedersen and adds:

– the Report is an attempt to get cleaned up in it all and get the cage all bundled inside.

the Notification is being dealt with by the Copenhagen Police.

Persona non grata

To Bent Pedersen has a reputation for having ‘a vehemently temper’, is no secret.

In 2008, the councillor for DF Bo Jensen, non-attached member, in protest at the party’s central executive committee chose to look through the fingers with that Bent Pedersen in several cases, would have threatened the citizens and employees in Ringsted Municipality.

however, There was no evidence in the form of charges or convictions on these threats, so the highest ranks of the party contented itself with a friendly conversation, where Bob Pedersen was put in right.

the Year after got Bent Pedersen to know that he will not be able to stand in the local elections in november 2009.

According to the then vice-president of the Danish people’s Party, Carl Christian Ebbesen, it seemed also disingenuous, to Bent Pedersen constantly changed his mind about his candidacy.

The official basis was, however, that he lack of support from the regional office, was cooperative and not at least ‘a vehemently temper’, who also gave him a prison sentence.

Bent Pedersen was punished with 20 days ‘ unconditional imprisonment for death threats against a female employee at the Tax the 17. december 2008. He refused guilty, but was convicted in the district court of Roskilde or the Eastern high Court upheld the verdict in February 2010.

Bent Pedersen volunteered promptly out of the DF, since he was not allowed to stand again. He was non-attached member, and moved in 2010 to Sweden and later Spain’s costa del sol, where he lives today.

turn their resentment, over being pushed out of the party, is today replaced with a general systemlede.

– I’m tired of you hiding things in public. It is all the way through. The EU has so many similar cases, so that the one covers just over the other. My confidence is at a very small place, says Bob Pedersen, who believes that there is a need for a strong cleanup.

I went in the first place check in the policy to prove that the municipalities are some pigs with taxpayers ‘ money, which I got right in. There is almost not a day without popping a misbrugssag up in public.