She has done it again.

Jennifer Aniston has once again got fans of the popular series ‘Friends’ to go cucumber, after she has revealed a reunion with his former colleagues Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox.

The 50-year-old actor shared the image on Instagram with the two ladies, where she has written: ‘Hello from the girls on the other side of the hallway’.

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Hi from the girls across the hall

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Over nine million have already like the picture in the popular media.

the Star drew the headlines, when she, in december, shared a similar view with all the actors from the series.

the picture shows the women at a restaurant where they work together to take a selfie. It also seems that it has been an evening of wine, as there is behind the women to be seen rows of different bottles.

Fans could not be, in itself, that the three actors were together again. Photo: Instagram/Jenniferaniston

jennifer’s first picture with the entire team set a Guinness record when she was the fastest user on Instagram to get a million followers.

Intl. well-known – 6. jan. 2020 – pm. 10:52 the internet goes crazy over Jennifer Aniston-reaction to an award ceremony

she got on only five hours and 16 minutes.

Since the image came out, it would Jennifer Aniston do not answer the question of why the team was once again gathered together, but a reunion with the popular set of actors were announced a month later.

therefore, There will most likely be a new episode with the cast on HBO Max.

the Team is, according to The Hollywood Reporter to talk about a comeback, which will be made a single episode where the whole team reunite.

‘Friends’ was recently purchased by HBO, Max, where the former has been Netflix, which has had the rights to the tv series.

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Photo: Ritzau Scabpix/Danny Feld