Denmark has allocated 80 million dollars to the education of children and young people who are living as refugees in Uganda and Ethiopia.

It informs the Ministry of foreign affairs in a press release.

– We need to think long-term for the generation of young people who grow up as refugees.

– Help them with training or education, so they can get a job and create a life in regions of origin, says minister for development cooperation Rasmus Prehn (S) in the press release.

70 million goes to the education of refugee children in Uganda and Ethiopia. The funds will give the children access to the national education and training systems in the two countries, while 10 million are used on an initiative, which Germany is behind.

the Initiative provides fellows to the university studies.

the message millionposten to refugee children education in Africa comes at the same time with the, Rasmus Prehn represent Denmark at the flygtningemødet Global Refugee Forum in Geneva in Switzerland.

the Purpose of the meeting is to create more international cooperation in dealing with major refugee crises.

refugee crises ends, according to the Ministry of foreign affairs is typically to be long-lasting – that is at least five years and often several decades.

– Therefore, it is important to think long-term, and particularly focus on the generation of young people who grow up as refugees in regions of origin, writes the ministry in its press release.

At the moment, is worldwide in a total of 71 million people displaced from their homes.

Global Refugee Forum falls under the UN’s aid society, UNHCR. At the meeting involved, among other heads of state and government and ministers from more than 75 countries, as well as a number of organizations.