you Go with the dream of being the Danish national coach? So is the job available, if you otherwise have the qualities to lead the nation’s best håndboldspillere on the female lines.

They are namely without the boss on the sidelines, and they have done since 8. January, as Klavs Bruun Jørgensen and the Danish Handball Federation (DHF) broke up with each other. The chemistry was there no longer, was the common explanation.

Now it is time to move on, and in associated is more than ready to start a new relationship. And like in march, where the national team has the first collection after the WORLD cup finals in Japan.

But how does it do with the process? And who is it really, they’re looking for?

the team he will play in the DHF, Morten Henriksen, wants the habit of faith is not to comment on specific names, but he has part of the answer.

– We choose the approach that we want to talk with several candidates. It can be reflected by the fact that there will be a first round, when we’re talking with a number of candidates, and there is something exciting, we go on to the second round.

– It is not, after all, because we take 15 people to the conversation, but we are trying to illuminate it a little better, says Morten Henriksen says to Ekstra Bladet.

– We are looking at a description, which we believe is the best possible in the circumstances to bring the national team forward to where we want it. The most important thing is to get the most out of A team, but when it is said, we also want a person possessing the skills to shape the talentudviklingen, says Henriksen.

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Klavs Bruun Jørgensen was reached to stand at the head of the Danish håndboldkvinder in seven finals. Photo: Lars Poulsen

The last point plays a significant role.

The dismal WORLD cup exit, where Denmark took the exit at 9. the square and turned of before qualification for the OLYMPICS, clearly demonstrated that there is a need for improvement in the future.

– There are some yellow lights that flashes around the development. If we are to achieve our ambition to be a team that at the relatively fixed level can take medals at championships, we are insanely dependent on the players evolves both in the clubs and at our level in order to be able to perform, says Henriksen.

The kind of calls fierce competition, and this will, of course, sharpened by the number of players. Here there is, on the ladies ‘ side is a challenge.

– When we look out over the handball-the landscape right now, is there a difference between lady and herresiden. For the men, there are significantly more who play handball in adolescence, while there is a greater dropout rate in damesiden.

– When we need to select players, it does indeed so, that there are so many to choose from, says Henriksen.

He points out that there is also a challenge when it comes to the work with the young women and the process by which they create the foundation to build themselves to the top.

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the team he will play in the DHF, Morten Henriksen, hope that there is a new coach in place for the women, before the next meeting in march. Photo: Lars Poulsen

– We also see that there are immediately multiple ’the ones’ with the unique competencies among the men. Here is the question then, what needs to be on the damesiden, in order that we can develop many more of them also. We need to look at how we can create the players, says Henriksen.

– When one enters into a hall, and running girls around 15-16 years old, they do not want to fail. It provides some challenges in relation to the period they are in, where you do practice. For it is there that mistakes makes you better.

– Caricatured set up one can say that if the boys coach at one end and the girls in the other, one will see that the boys are experimenting and quickly make mistakes, while girls become more and more the pressure of failing, tells sportschefen.

The current Molde coach, Helle Thomsen, has been mentioned as one of the favorites for the job as the new Danish national coach, just like Esbjerg-coach and ex-national team player Jesper Jensen is believed to be among topkanidaterne.

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