In the last month told tv host Sara Lygum, that she had taken a big decision. At the turn of the stops on her new job in Danbolig to get more free time with his children.

– My kids are growing up too fast big, and I have spent a very large part of their lives to work. I still need to work, but I must, in particular, to have time with my family. It is now, I have the chance to play five hundred, bake a cake, or just socialize with them when they come home from school – about ten years it’s too late, she wrote on Facebook.

Now approaching the day for ‘location, location, Location’-the host, who in no way have regretted the decision to say the job up. It tells the she, en Ekstra Bladet meet her prior to the TV2 programme ‘The greatest moments’.

– The largest in 2019 has probably been that I have chosen to pull the plug on a part of my job, because I have decided that 2020 will be different, ” she says, and continues:

– Now, I need to just fix the tv and have more time for my children. It has indeed been a big and game, game difficult decision. It is also sad, for there are many good colleagues, which I like very much, says Sara.

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She has been in the company eight years and in the industry for almost 20 years.

– I fill 41 years old next month, so it is a big part of my life, I now release, ” she says.

Sara Lygum, who is the mother to Astrid and Oskar, don’t know yet what’s going to happen in the near future – other than lots of family time.

– I do not know what needs to be done. I have deliberately let the doors open to see what life has to offer, ” she says, and affirms that she at least continues as host of ‘location, location, Location’.

– We are in full swing, and there are a lot of new programs on the way, which comes in the beginning of the new year.

TV2 sends ‘The biggest moments’ 30. december at 20.00.

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