It has gradually become popular in the reality of the universe that lay on the operating table in order to get a fuller butt.

recently, both Rikke Chili, Sasha all member, Janni Ree and Jackie Navarro has been under the knife, and now also have the ‘Paradise Hotel’-baben Sarah Tiedt from last year’s season got herself a new butt.

Sarah made the trip to Turkey for the so-called brazilian butt lift, as she wanted to have the operation made in the same place as she had arranged his nose for a couple of years ago.

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Sarah also had a fat butt, before she underwent the operation. Photo: Janus Nielsen

In the morning, the trip home, and realitystjernen is certainly happy with the result so far:

all in All, the operation has gone well. I have been fedtsuget, and then they have used my fat to shoot into my buttocks, so I’ve got a major bum. I have fortunately had Türker with me here, the first and worst days, so he could support and help me through it, and it has been really nice – a big, big support, tells Sarah to Ekstra Bladet.

Here is Sarah with her new butt. Private.

– I have not really had pain, and everything is progressing as it should. My pain pills I eat, therefore, not fully, because I have pain. Yesterday I went to check out, and everything is as it should be, she continues and adds:

– I am still really swollen in the body, so the end result comes nowhere near to look like it does right now. There goes a half a year before you can see it right, but the doctor says that everything is as it should be, and that I shall be delighted to see the final result, when it gets really good.

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