the AaB’s angrebstalent Mikkel Kaufmann shifts from the AaB FC Copenhagen, when this season is over.

This write-FC Copenhagen on Friday morning on its website.

The two sides have agreed on a contract that extends to the summer of 2025.

– We think that Mike Kaufmann is a striker with great potential, which we are only just beginning to see the be rolled out for real, says Stale Solbakken.

the 19-year-old Mikkel Kaufmann is listed for the 17 superligakampe and has scored seven goals for AaB.

Wednesday could Extra the Magazine tell that the FCK was ready to pay 25 million crowns for the Kaufmanns signature, which may seem violent, when you consider that the attacker only has committed himself to a half-year time in the country’s best superliga.

The main trades between the Superliga clubs

Victor Nelsson – 27 million. kr. (FC Nordsjælland-FC Copenhagen in 2019)

Mikkel Kaufmann – 25 million. kr. (AaB-FC Copenhagen in 2020)

Jonas Borring – 21 million. kr. (OB-FC Midtjylland in 2008)

Jens Stage – 18 million. kr. (AGF-FC Copenhagen in 2019)

Ulrik Laursen – 18 million. kr. (OB-FC Copenhagen in 2008)

Morten Nordstrand – 15 million. kr. (FC Nordsjælland to FC Copenhagen in 2007)

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But Stale Solbakken sees a bright future for the teenager.

– He has good physical conditions, and he has in the autumn of shown his abilities as a goal-scorer for AaB. He is far from fully developed as a football player, but we are very pleased to follow him in the spring, where we are confident that he will take further steps in its development in a good environment, on a strong A-team, before he moves to Copenhagen, where we look forward to working together with him, says Solbakken.

Managing director of AaB, Thomas Bælum, have not been crazy excited to get rid Kaufmann already.

he says on the club’s website.

– It was in no way our plan, to Sarah Kaufmann should be sold now, but after FC Copenhagen’s inquiry, there have been constructive negotiations between the parties, and eventually we came to a place where for the AaB’s best was no longer a reason to say no, he says with clear reference to the amount, Mikkel Kaufmann ended up being sold for.

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