The only 18-year-old Danish girl used to pick his monobryn at least once a week, because she was afraid to stand out from the norm.

Now living Sarah Marie Clark, however, with its monobryn and let it grow wild and free.

It noted several british media – and in no time had the team already been on the Daily Mail, Metro and even Fox News, where she talked about her special appearance.

Sarah get messages from men who would like to get in contact with her, but primarily it is people who are inspired by her look. Photo: Sarah Clark

she says to Ekstra Bladet.

It came to pass is really a bit over the night. It has been quite tremendously with all the attention, but I must say that I think the heading of the English media had chosen, was quite violent.

Here stood namely, to Sarah Clark received countless messages from men who wanted to be with her, just because she had his monobryn.

– of Course, there came many messages. Several wrote that they were inspired by me, someone wrote that they think I was disgusting, and yes, then there was a small part of messages from men who would like to get to know me, but not so violently, as it appeared in the article.

Now there is more modeling to the young woman. Photo: Sarah Clark

‘kill yourself’
And even though Sarah Clark is happy to show its appearance and is proud of it, it has also been difficult for the 18-year-old with all the attention.

– There was a girl who out of the blue, started to write really nasty things to my pictures on Instagram. She wrote ‘kill yourself’ and stuff like that, so I chose to write to her to hear why she did it. It turned out that she had some issues mentally, and that was why she attacked me. I was happy to talk with her about why she did it, because one must remember that there is always one on the other side, she says.

Sarah has also experienced that people stare, laugh and are uncomfortable when they see her in public.

There were the four girls in the bus, pointed at me, while they laughed and took pictures, it was very uncomfortable. I may not completely understand that my look can piss people so much.

Sarah used to spend a lot of time to remove the hairs, so she had not monobryn. But it bother she no longer. Photo: Sarah Clark

the Offers to pour in
But fortunately there is more good than bad news.

Sarah has scored several jobs as a model, after her story has been shared.

– Yes, I do get several jobs, but of course it’s something where they’re looking for just my type.

Sarah is also training and working as a makeup artist, and it was through makeup that she decided to let her monobryn grow out.

– I saw that there were others who subscribed it on, and it looked really good. I have it so naturally, so I thought I would try it, and now it’s my thing, she says.

even Though someone may be evil for the 18-year-old, one must say that she have the last laugh, when it tumbles into with jobs and offers. Photo: Sarah Clark