Håndboldspilleren Bo Spellerberg returns to the summer home to Denmark after two years in the best swiss series as a coach.

Although Spellerberg has around 40 years, so he is not necessarily finished with håndboldkarrieren. He don’t know yet what the future brings.

– We shall see. It will be exciting. I have no hurry.

– I will say that I’ve got the cup filled with regard to handball, but I’m thinking that I can still play. But I must not play at any price, ” says Bo Spellerberg to TV2 Sport.

Bagspilleren appeared until 2018 for KIF Kolding, which he has represented through most of his career. In parallel, he was for a number of years a part of the Danish national team.

Bo Spellerberg was a part of the national team that won the european championship in 2012. Photo: Jens Dresling

According to Spellerberg stopped in KIF Kolding, went to Otmar St. Gallen in the swiss league, where the team takes an immediate fourth place.

Bo Spellerberg says that the cooperation ceases for several reasons. Secondly, there is a requirement that he have an a-license as a coach, and partly it is about the economy.

– I was brought down by a team he will play for, that had a lot of money, but which turned out not to have any money, and the hole in the club has then subsequently had to close, he says.

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