Danish Mikkel Honoré got out Thursday a surprise of the more boring, since he’s on his workout was påkørt of a car.

the Driver of the car chosen after the impact to take flight, while the 23-year-old Deceuninck-QuickStep-rider called for help and came to the emergency room.

Here it was clear that he had sustained only superficial blow. It writes the team in a tweet:

– After being driven to the emergency room, he was subjected to several scans and studies, but they showed fortunately nothing, so he could print a few hours later.

– Mikkel has many aching muscles and some abrasions. He will rest for a few days before he gets back on the bike, writes the team.

Later in the evening, Mikkel Honoré itself to the keys:

I feel myself lucky that I’m okay and that nothing serious happened after today’s incident. I was on a training ride and was hit by a car which subsequently drove away.

– I think it is time for a change and get more focus on safety, so we can all be better to share the beautiful roads, I’m so lucky to be able to call my office.

– I can’t thank Alice Gasparini (professional female rider, red.) enough for having helped me at the event, he writes on Twitter.

Mikkel Frølich Honoré, who on a daily basis living in the north of Italy, got its breakthrough on the World Tour last year, where he switched to Deceuninck QuickStep. He got quite a show no victories, but marked themselves as a rock-solid year.

It could be the domestic audience see first-hand to the DM, where he was one of three QuickStep riders to the start. On the highways around Esbjerg, he showed himself as one of the field’s strongest riders and got teammates Michael Mørkøv and Kasper Asgreen transported safely to the final, where they ended up as, respectively, number one and two.

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