It was a clearly touched and moved Christopher Læssø that on Friday night nearest danced his soul out in the ‘dancing with the stars’.

Together with his dance partner, Karina Frimodt, he was on the floor in ønskedans, and the pair had chosen, that it should be a modern dance.

For the touching choreography surrounding a particular story, and it was the one that hit both the 34-year-old actor and probably all that so on.

Christopher Læssø alone on the dance floor. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix
– My father is manic depressive, and I met him the first time, when I was 17. He was thrown out of Denmark in 1986, told the actor, who is born in 1985.

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Now the 34-year-old Christopher Læssø have spent a large part of his childhood and youth to speculate about how his father was and had it.

– I met him then, and he is a wonderful human being. He was just not there, said Læssø, whose father now lives in Senegal.

Father and son now have contact with each other, and Christopher Læssø tells that he has never tried to hide the truth about his father. There’s just not been asked to him and his situation.

Christopher and Karina in their modern dance. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix
The dancing actor believes that an entertainment programme like ‘dancing with the stars’ can easily be used to open up for more serious and deeper items.

– I will better bring me on the field than to stand and hold things back, for I am the I am, he says, and continues:

– It is super fragile, but I’ve never had anything against being vulnerable.

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There are three programs back of this season’s ‘dancing with the stars’. Christopher and Karina is ready to fight for a place in the semi-final, when they go on the floor on Friday.