It is not enough to have skilled bankrådgivere, good loans and a stable of online banking, if the customers must be satisfied. They must also have the trust of the bank and the management.

It may Danske Bank true, then the bank is among the nation’s 20 largest, which has the least satisfied customers.

according to an annual study from research Voxmeter, who have asked over 51.000 customers of a bank, how they look at their bank.

Case in Estonia, where the Danish Bank is suspected of being used for money laundering for billions, cost continue on confidence, and in the year, the bank is subjected to a load of yet another case of the investment product Flexinvest Free.

Here sold the product to thousands of customers, although it was expected that the customers would lose money on it.

– the Clients of Danske Bank are actually really very happy with the service and advice they get at the bank, says Christian Stars., managing director at Cityhotel.

– It just gets overshadowed by the many negative cases, as the bank has been hit by. This is why Danske Bank still stuck in the mud.

At Danske Bank recognises privatkundedirektør Thomas Mitchell, that it requires time and hard work to restore confidence.

– There is no doubt that the cases we’ve had have been serious, and we will be punished for in the imagemålinger.

– We have switched out of the management, and we have and will continue to carry out massive investments to prevent, that we are being abused for financial crime.

– It will be a long haul, but we must show in action that the thing that happened, is not consistent with the way we want to operate the bank on, he says in a written comment.

After the Danish Bank Nordea in the square which 19 out of 20. Here it is rather the day to day banking, which draws down.

– Customers feel that it is hard to get in contact with the advisor, long waiting time, slow down systems, and online banking and a poor level of information, says Christian Stars!.

Mads Skovlund, who is responsible for the Nordea Danish residential customers, are upset about the location, although he notes a small progress from last year.

He emphasises that Nordea in the year have increased the opening hours of the advice on weekdays to the bell 20 and, also open at the weekend – and launched a new mobilbank, which should be easier to use.

– We are trying all the time to meet the complaints made by the customers and make it easier to be the bank customer in Nordea.

– We must be better at eye level with our customers. There are too many that feel themselves as a part of the process and not as a valued customer. We must be better, and the coach we on out in all our branches, ” says Mads Skovlund.

At the opposite end of the scale, Arbejdernes Landsbank and Ringkjøbing Landbobank at the top, which has been picture over a number of years.