despite the fact that each year receives more than 100 million crowns of state, the royal family, a golden tradition as a tax-free businessmen.

yesterday it emerged that Frede and Mary for a number of years have rented their five-star luxury ski chalet in jet-set paradise of Verbier in Switzerland.

Danish royal – 14. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:01, Frede and Mary’s hidden economy: the Tenant the ski lodge out

the Price to rent themselves in the Danish crown prince’s residence is glaring: 27.800-86.800 dollars a week.

the crown prince couple receive in advance around 20 million dkk per year in apanage.

Frede and Mary may also rub its hands at the thought that they do not pay tax on the income from their swiss sidegesjæft.

the Royal family members is, according to the kildeskattelovens section 3 exempt from paying income tax, so when lejeindtægterne rolls into the royal accounts, it is without skattefars interference.


In accordance with kildeskattelovens § 3 is the royal family are not subject to Danish tax liability.

Exempted from the tax liability are:

the King and his spouse.

Members of the royal house, who are children of Danish kings, or who, pursuant to section 11 is provided årpenge, as well as their spouses.

According to Anders Nørgaard Laursen, who is a professor at Aarhus University, specializing in international tax law, shall, otherwise, be taxed, when you earn the money to rent out your holiday home abroad.

– The royals do not pay taxes.

– For all other applies the so-called globalindkomstprincip, which dictates that when you, the landlord, for example a holiday home abroad, you are taxed by lejeindtægterne in Denmark, just as if you rented your property in Denmark, ” says the professor.

Extra Magazine’s review of the udlejningsannoncer, websites and cvr register shows that the swiss business far from the royal family only.

Through the years, particularly prince Joachim worked as traders, not least at the Schackenborg Castle.

the Photo to See the crown prince’s secret snow castle from the inside

today, he has also co-ownership in more than three companies – which, however, pay income tax – just as he rents his villa in Klampenborg to the tv baronessen Caroline Fleming.

Prince Joachim received in 2018 and 3.5 million Danish kroner in apanage.

Count Ingolf, who will get around 1,8 million dollars per year of the state, has for years driven agriculture in southern Jutland.

According to the kongehusekspert Michael Bregnsbo, who is an associate professor specializing in the history of the University, it may be difficult for the country’s politicians to get the royal family to pay taxes on their sidegesjæfter.

– the Matter is that the royal is liable.

Danish royal – 15. jan. 2020 – pm. 08:57 Seller: How to bought the crown prince his snow-castle

– They can not be held liable by the court, and it will say that you can get them to pay the tax, but by a disagreement you can’t take action against them, saith the lektoreren.

Ekstra Bladet has tried in vain to get a comment from the royal family.

Here is the royale business

Sold Schackenborg Castle for 100 million.

In 1993 initiated the 24-year-old Joachim’s career as a landbrugsprins at the Schackenborg Castle in Møgeltønder, which he had been entrusted with the childless lensgrevepar Karin and Hans Schack.

After nearly 20 years and a deficit of 42 million crowns, he was freed from his gældshelvede of the good friends of the royal family – the Lego, Ecco and Danfoss-family – together posted 100 million in a fund that bought Joachim out.

In a period one could rent his into Slotsforvalterboligen at Schackenborg for up to 12,000 dollars for a week.

Photo: Stine Bidstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

Rents the villa out tv-baroness

When prince Joachim and princess Marie moved to Paris in the summer of 2019, took their good friend Caroline Fleming the royal chambers with his children.

It is unknown what the Fleming pay for the upscale address.

Joachim moved in 2014 to the family of the jewish street, where he bought the most expensive villa on the Emiliekildevej to 34.5 million in 2014, after its landbrugseventyr.

the Page is pragtvillaen been extended to 448 square feet and refurbished for several million.

Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

Leased for 26,000 people a week

In 2013 revealed See and Hear, to Joachim leased its 285 square meters large holiday home in Montauroux just to the north of Cannes in southern France between the 26,000 to 34,000 kronor per. week, but udlejningssiden is now closed.

The otherwise francophiles prince Joachim has been trying for years to get sold the cottage. The house, which was completed in 2012, was put up for sale for a total of 16.4 million dollars in 2016. Since the price has been brought down to 14 million.

at the time Of writing, the house is still for sale, but according to Ekstra information is not rented out. The royal family has repeatedly stated that all the details surrounding the cottage is ‘purely private’.

Photo: Wretman Estate

Sødamgaard in Møgeltønder. Photo: Anders Brohus

Farm earned 22 million

In some years according to See and Hear rent Sødamgaard for between 3000 and 8000 dollars a week, but in January 2017, decided Joachim to sell the combined holiday – and farm for 22.319.597 crowns.

Although Joachim convenient was bought out by Schackenborg, retained the cunning forretningsprins a variety of soils and properties in the area, including Sødamgaard.

Photo: Anders Brohus

Rented the Château de Cayx

In 2008, the prin Henrik listed two new ferieejendomme on the vineyards of the Château de Cayx near Cahors, where people linked to the royal family could come in – almost – royal holiday for 7000 dollars for a week.

It is unknown if the royal family continues to landlord houses.

Margrethe and Henrik bought vinslottet in 1974. The plan was to get close to his French family and, not least, to produce wine. Along the way, the castle has been put extensive able, and in connection with silver wedding paid a group of friends for a pool.

Photo: John Unger