FC Midtjylland have previously had problems getting fans to the Brøndby Stadium. Extra Magazine has previously reported on the minority of fans who sometimes find, when the wolves play at the copenhagen perform.

It may be due to the udekampene in Brøndby is with a certain risk for the future of humankind fans. The trips home from Brøndby Stadium has proven to save on nasty surprises.

Recently got one of midtjydernes buses smashed a pane of Holbækmotorvejen after topholdets 2-1 victory in Brøndby. The bus driveway discouraged not the rock throwing perpetrator. In the particular case of looking for Vestegnens Police witnesses and may not provide information on the incident should be related to the fight.

It could have ended badly, if the stone had hit the window. Læserfoto.

It is one episode among many, which creates fear for the future engagement in tours to the area for the president in topholdets club Black Wolves.

– It is going to deter people from taking to the aways, the Last time we had an episode in Brøndby, so it was really hard to scrape together people for the subsequent trips.

Why does it bother the president, when there is talk of a small number of away fans.

– It is piss easy to say that we don’t have as many fans on the stadium, but if people do not feel comfortable, so taking the fight in the tv, says Claus Kejlstrup, president of the Black Wolves.

Stenkastet is is also ærgelse in Brøndby.

– It is really regrettable episode, as we are familiar with. We have had a well settled topkamp with a good atmosphere on the stage, and that such a thing takes place after the fight, that we take strong distance from, said Christian Schultz, head of communications in Brøndby IF.

After pokalfinalen threw each of the Brøndby-fans with the fireworks over on the FCMs tribune. Picture: Jens Dresling

There is certainly not a lone swallow for central jutland, when it comes to the matches against Brøndby.

Even after a 3-2 defeat in 2017 was the state of hawaii is under attack. They reached a rest area near Slagelse, before they were assaulted and then had to send a man to the emergency room. Then informed the police that the attack was committed by ten Brøndby-fans, who had allegedly followed the bus and waited on, that it kept in.

– I fear that no matter how important the fight is, then it becomes difficult to send people away. But I hope that the police find the perpetrator and that it is not football-related, so we should not put football fans in a bad light.

There were no injuries, but we had two people, who were more than usually shocked, and therefore chose to run with the police home.

Busruderne are particularly exposed to these matches. Fanbussen also got smashed several glass panes outside of the stadium in 2016 after being attacked with missiles from several thugs. Earlier in the year, they played two teams cup final, and the FCM-fans were not listed in the Park after the dramatic battle, they were bombarded with fireworks inside the stadium.

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