There was a seriously sultry vibe on ‘Paradise Hotel’, as the guests went to bed after the festivities in Tuesday’s section.

Although Freya and Daniel had said good night, with hot kiss, and Sarah and Tobias also sent flirtatious glances, ended up with Freya, Sarah and Oliver, who just checked into the hotel, had a triangle in the darkness of night.

the Next morning was notably Sarah led by the situation as she was worried about what Tobias would think. She was unaware that Tobias himself had had sex with Julie during the night.

however, It turns out that Sarah also had another reason that she the morning after would be in addition to the triangle:

– I regretted it very much the day after. One thing is to have sex on tv, but a triangle – thus, it is just violent enough to be filmed, I think. So it was not so fat. I just thought not of it in the moment, as we all were quite full. So it just happened, she explains to Ekstra Bladet, but then goes on:

– I’m however okay with the fact that people need to see it on tv. Happened has happened. I’m a little curious as to what my mother says it when she sees it, for I have not told her that it happened. But maybe she just doesn’t comment on it.

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There is no doubt that it was given full throttle in Tuesday’s celebration. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark.

A, which, in turn, did not regret the triangle day then, Oliver:

– We were so stiff, so it happened really just. While the girls were a little pressed about it, I was fine with it. It was as grineren. I was just happy to be taken so good care of the girls. I got a good welcome, he laughs and adds:

– I’m also fine with having sex on the tv, it’s not the first time it has happened. It is a little awkward now, where I located and see it with my girlfriend, but that is just the way it is. We look away in the program, when each other have sex. It we don’t get anything out of watching.

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Nor Freya had it bad with the fact that she had been with Oliver and Sarah, despite the fact she had a flirt with Daniel. One thing to regret, however, she.

– It was something that happened in the drunk, and not something that meant something. I regretted it not subsequently, when Daniel and I were not a couple, so on the way, and I had a little to do what I wanted. More seriously, it was not between us. I would also have had the fine enough with it, if it was the reverse, she starts and elaborates:

I regretted, however, that I was not honest with him and told him that it had happened. It was not, after all, because I would keep it a secret, but because I just wanted to say it later, which I also did. But in retrospect I should just have said it with the same, even though I couldn’t see the problem in that I came and said it to him a little later in the day.

When the Extra Leaf is talking with Daniel, he makes it clear that he no problem had with that Freja had a triangle. He, however, had a problem with, that she had not told him it.

– Freya and of course I had a bit of a flirt running, but we were not a couple. Therefore I had personally to, that she had to be with the other. She should just have been honest and said it to me first the next morning. For me it is important to be honest, and she was not, which is what makes that I do not think it is cool. I could even have found to have been together with for a second, but then I would have told Freya it sounds it from him.

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