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It is against the background of Syria-fighters, the israeli intelligence service the Mossad has helped the Danish authorities.

It tells the israeli war correspondent and journalist at the tv station Keshet 12 Nir Dvori for the Extra Magazine.

Saturday, he could reveal that the israeli intelligence service, has helped Denmark in connection with the action, which led to a long series of actions throughout the country. Those arrested are suspected of planning to make a terrorist attack in Denmark.

the 112 – 11. dec. 2019 – at. 17:01 20 arrested and 20 addresses are searched

to Ekstra Bladet he tells that it is a relatively short time ago that the Mossad came on the trail of the case:

– For a couple of weeks ago told the Mossad, that they had information that may be of interest to the Danish intelligence agency.

112 – 14. dec. 2019 – at. 13:39 Released in terrorsag required jailed again for lying about the name

– Information is about a small group of people who had come back from the war in Syria. This bunch has acquaintances or relatives who live in Denmark, and they were in the process of planning terrorism in Denmark. This information gave the Mossad to the Danish intelligence service. The information includes information about people from Syria, who have Danish passports. It includes information on militants from Pakistan.

– Subsequently began the Danish intelligence service to investigate the matter, to track them and collect information about them. In this context, the Danish authorities out of that people have linked to this network, which they had received information from Israel, and they set against them a few days ago.

112 – 14. dec. 2019 – at. 13:03 the Aim of terrorsagen: Workplace produces military equipment

He considers, further, that there is a risk that the group would attack the christmas markets in Denmark:

– It looks like it. I know that the christmas season in Europe is very vulnerable, and there have been several attacks on christmas markets in Europe over the last year.

– According to my information, planned a terrorist act, which was supposed to be going on in the near future, he says.

on Wednesday beat the police to all parts of Denmark, where 20 people were arrested, and conducted 22 searches. Subsequently, yet another person arrested.

the 112 – 13. dec. 2019 – at. 11:35 Three to be released in a case of weapons to the terror

Neither the Police or the PET may have wanted to comment on the information about the Mossads involvement. However, according to Nir Dvori is not new, that the two intelligence services work together:

– for several years, there has been a really good relationship between the Mossad and Danish intelligence. Israel gathers information about terroraktivister operating in the area in and around Syria.

– Some of the characters have been in Syria?

– Yes, it is, therefore, that Israel found the information. And when they found out that they had ties to Europe, the Danish intelligence service, alarmed.

– Has the Mossad confirmed the information?

– No, it is not confirmed officially. It is only because my sources in the organization, that it has come forward, he says.