When they played against Brøndby IF on Sunday, go West-Pis players on winter break. It may very well be that it will be the last time, super League viewers experience Emmanuel Sabbi in this place.

Sabbi may very well be the past in the West. Photo: Jens Dresling
Hobro dealer namely in these days to sell kantspilleren. It confirms the team he will play for Jens Hammer Sørensen for advice.dk.

– in fact, We have been in dialogue with some clubs about Sabbi. We’ve also got the concrete bid, he says.

– It is foreign clubs. There are two-three pieces, which is really interested in him. We also think it is the best move for him. Now he has played three years in Danish football, so we think it is a natural step for him.

Jens Hammer Sørensen and co. was close to selling Sabbi for a record price in the summer, but the buying club pulled out at the last moment. Sportschefen said that he would like to extend with the player, whose contract expires this summer, but it will be there is hardly anything of.

Have you given up trying to extend?

-we have virtually. So January is the last chance to get the money for him.We also recognise that we are a selling club. If the right offer for the club and for the player comes, we want to sell our players.

Edgar Babayan has also received attention from other clubs. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix
Also, Emmanuel Sabbis colleague on the opposite edge, Edgar Babayan, attracts attention. Already in the summer gave Randers FC a bid on the Armenian midfielder, and after he came on the board in a test match against Italy a month ago, has abroad also got their eyes up for him.

– There have been a lot more or less solve the queries, especially after he scored the goal against Italy. It was really something that echoed. We just have to say. It was on an a-national team against Italy, and it was a nice goal, ” says Jens Hammer Sørensen.

– There’s been a lot of people have asked him, and how his kontraktsituation is. Also from looking from the addresses around.

Babayans contract runs to the summer of 2021, so there has Hobro better cards in the hand, if the club will try to push the price than if it tries the same by Sabbi. In turn the sales process more advanced by the latter.

– There has been nothing concrete (on Babayan, ed.). It has not been any offer, we have been to. It is only on the Sabbi, says Hammer Sørensen.

– Right now we are in a negotiation situation, and Sabbi is also in a stage where he is considering what is best for him.

Hobro IK play as mentioned the last match against Brøndby IF on Sunday. The first of the new year is scheduled for mid-February.

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