It was fragtselskabet DB Cargo, which had responsibility for to 2. January, from which a semi-trailer hit a DSB trains and caused the death of eight people.

Now it turns out that a similar situation, where a semi-trailer on a freight was not properly strapped, took place as late as 6. november of this year.

Also here was DB Cargo is responsible for to. It confirms the DB cargo’s head of communications Jan Wildau.

– It is absolutely and totally unacceptable. It is simply not something that can be defended, says Jan Wildau to TV 2/Fyn.

To 6. november had the same route as the train 2. January. It was sent from Høje Taastrup and heading towards Fredericia. As the train reached the town of Fredericia, it appeared that the sættevognstrailerens bolt not sat down in the saddle on the godstogets lommevogn.

– What happened 6. november, was a læsningsfejl. It is not a defense, for it can not be defended, and it must not be defended. But it was a læsningsfejl, where the employee, who should check that things were in order, not got them checked, says Jan Wildau.

the Wagons from DB Cargo was 2. January cause for the accident, which claimed the lives of eight people. In november made the company a corresponding error. Photo: Anthon Unger

By Storebæltulykken 2. January sat sættevognstrailerens king-pin correctly down on the podium. But due to lack of lubrication had stool is not properly locked in place on the kingpin. It is apparent from Havarikommissionens report.

this is Why there is not talk about the exact same error 6. november 2. January.

– as late as Wednesday, were you out and say that you have geared up on your safety procedures. I have taken all possible measures to avoid cases as it happened 2. January, and as you can see now that it has happened as late as 6. november. How can we be confident to run with the train in Denmark?

– It is correct that it has happened 6. november is completely unacceptable. It is also correct, we implemented many additional layers of security within the 6. november, explains Jan Wildau and adds:

– After 6. november, we have introduced yet another layer of security. Now we are up to a great many controls on top of each other. It happened 6. november was a human error and should not occur Jan Wildau.

the DB Cargo can not inform you what goods the train was carrying 6. november.