Theresa Scavenius announces itself Saturday on the field as a candidate to replace Uffe Elbæk as a political leader for the Alternative. He stops on the 1 entry. February.

– of course It is a difficult task to solve the task, after Uffe, as I look at with humility, she says.

Theresa Scavenius, who is a researcher in climate policy at Aalborg University, was a candidate in The Constituency for the Alternative at the general election 5. June, but she was not elected.

If the election went the Alternative back from the nine-to-five seats compared to the elections in 2015.

She was even surprised Alternativets poor election result in June.

– There is a huge potential in the Alternative, as a political movement and party.

– the Alternative is managed very much in terms of pushing the political agenda in Denmark, particularly on climate change, but also in other areas. We must continue to do going forward, she says.

Specifically, the Alternative must, among other big even more in order to implement the changes in green technology and climate change policy, believes Theresa Scavenius.

She believes that finance, as the Alternative earlier in december was to adopt, is filled with “unmitigated tend towards symbolic policy” on climate change.

– I believe that oversælger the climate policy, launching, from the Democratic side.

– When you look at how much money is actually being given to the climate policy, and what the real content is, so there is not much content in it.

– It is still more words than action, and therefore, there is still much space for a green party that constantly talks of a more sustainable society, she says.

Question: If you had been a political leader for the Alternative was the Alternative so gone with in finanslovaftalen?

– Not necessarily. I do not know specifically the various negotiations. I come from the outside, so it may be that there were some good reasons to do as we did.

– But as a starting point, I think, that the standard of, what is the Alternative to vote for, should be higher.

on Thursday reported the Rasmus Nordqvist, who is the party’s political rapporteur, himself as a candidate to replace Uffe Elbæk.

in addition to Rasmus Nordqvist has also regionsrådsmedlem in the Region of Midtjylland (denmark) Rasmus Bailiff announced his candidacy, like Mette Rahbek, folketingskandidat on the island of Funen, has done it.

It is Alternativets members at an extraordinary general meeting 1. February is to select the new political leader.

Prior to that 13. January also held an extraordinary general meeting. Here, the plan is to be amended in the party’s statutes, so that it is possible to be a political leader, even if you are not a member of the Danish Parliament.

Theresa Scavenius difficult to assess in advance its chances of being selected.

– Many know my climate policy engagement.

” This will be a new role, as I need to learn, develop and find out how I along with the members and all the other links in the organization can get the best out of, she says.

Scavenius has a past in The Radical, as she tried to become vice-president in 2017. She left since the party for the benefit of the Alternative

Theresa Scavenius is the great-grandson to Fergus Roger Scavenius, who is the younger brother of former prime minister Erik Scavenius.