Stig Tøfting is still going strong. With the press going.

For fodboldeksperten is started with the Stig-minoen – a walk at 80,3 km from home in Viby outside of Aarhus to the MCH Arena in Herning, denmark where FC Midtjylland on Sunday meetings AGF. A result of it is perhaps somewhat cocky promise, he in the Extra Leaf made to go the trip, if FC Midtjylland won in Brøndby in unique in scandinavia because the penultimate matchday.

the Trip is for practical reasons divided into three stages, and on Friday stood on the queen stage – about 40 kilometres from Låsby to the Square in the Ikon. A tall order for most – even for a Chug.

His followers on Facebook, however, could regularly follow, that there was good support for the hard-tried ex-football player. Thus was his name as in the Tour de France in several places written in the asphalt, and along the way came good assistance from near and far.

– There is constantly someone. Today I’ve got meatballs, hot dogs, chocolate bars and soft drinks

– I’m damn sure the only one in the history of the world, that goes 80 miles and along the way takes five pounds, said a still cheerful Stig Tøfting over the mobile to the Extra Leaf, as he passed the Boarding.

Here he lacked seven kilometres to the day’s target – and they were not just completed in the Usain Bolt pace.

– I’ve been going for eight hours now, and it is not going so fast anymore.

the Mood is there, that now I just have to eat myself. There is no one that bother to go so far for the fun, pointed out the ‘lawn Mower’.

Stig Tøfting is now only 15 km away from the MCH Arena – but he is also well used. Photo: Ernst van Norde
With kampbolden in the backpack approached he thus his goal, but on Saturday he will come not to go.

– After any hardest stage in the race is there a day of rest, so I have fortunately in the morning.

– There are trips from the couch and to the fridge and to the toilet some distance the longest, I’m going to move me, said Chug.

He can thus not even be tempted by a game of padel-tennis, otherwise he is starting to play often.

– I shall certainly not out to play padel in the morning. Yes, the rest of the year. All my joints are sore, and it will be the enough to be.

When I got up in the morning and took the first steps looked like I good enough, who needed a walker. It will be the enough also on Saturday.

Stig Tøfting would not, however, complain about the day – only of its sekunderinger along the way.

– It has actually not been bad. I got rid of the rain, and the wind has been in the back.

– But every time I have come close to me a certain kilometerantal, so I have got to know that there are even further to the Ikon. So I don’t know how long I have again sounded the note while he is in mid twilight with påspændt torch trying to find a bike path, he could go safely on.

He promised, however, that he on Sunday. 13 is completely ready to go the last paradeetape to the MCH Arena. 15 kilometers is the on, so the rates he to carry out in a jiffy and provide kampbolden to kickoff at 18 o’clock.

– I am so happy, that there are only 15 km back. I could not understand, if there were 40. So I was about to consider whether we could have moved the fight. But I do not think that it goes, he said, since he is well worn out had come to Ikon

There was a welcome committee ready in Ikast. There was another kebab and Cocio for Stig Tøfting. Photo: Ernst van Norde

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