Coronavirusset has moved beyond the borders of China to, among others, the UNITED states and France, and all the indications are that the potentially fatal virus’ ability to spread has been strengthened.

Therefore, the number of infected rise further.

It informs the Ma Xiaowei, who is the head of China’s national sundhedskommission, at a press conference on Sunday morning.

Sunday shall notify the foreign ministry’s Citizen service, to discourage all non-necessary travel to Hubei province in China because of the virus.

– the Risks are so serious that you should have specific reasons to visit the area/country. Important business trips and urgent family can get travelers to consider a visit is necessary, writes the foreign ministry’s Citizen service, in its updated travel advice.

at Least 56 people in China have lost their lives because of the coronavirus, and more than 2000 are infected worldwide.

The chinese authorities yet know very little about the virus.

thus, It is yet unknown how the infection exactly comes from, and how long that goes from the infected until you show symptoms. It can be from one day to two weeks, informs Ma Xiaowei.

In contrast to, for example, sars which appeared in China in 2002 and killed many hundreds of lives, persons can infect others before they themselves are beginning to exhibit signs of the disease.

Community – 25. jan. 2020 – pm. 13:28 the UNITED states and France evacuates citizens from the virus-plagued chinese city

the Symptoms of fever, cough, and possibly difficulty breathing.

the Virus was found for the first time in december last year in the city of Wuhan in central China. Since then it has spread to areas outside of China, including France and Australia.

on the Night of Sunday, Danish time ends Canada in addition to the list of countries in which the infection is believed to have been registered.

It confirms the canadian government in a press release.

There is talk about a person who recently returned to Canada after a visit to the Hubei province in China, which is supposed to be infected with the virus.

– the Individual is in stable condition and is hospitalized in the hospital, informs the canadian government in a press release.

Persons with the virus typically get treatment while they are in isolation, so they can not infect further. To contain the infection is the Wuhan to build two hospitals responsible for the treatment of those infected.

They expected to be ready in the beginning of February with beds to over 2000 patients. In order to limit the infection has several chinese cities and provinces have restricted or removed access for citizens to public transport.

The chinese authorities will tell Sunday morning that they follow the situation and keep the press briefing on the virus every morning, from Monday.