Chef Gordon Ramsay surprised recently on Instagram its many fans with a picture where he shows his beautiful body wearing only a pair of red swim shorts. On the image is the Ramsey along with his small son Oscar and his 20-year-old son, Jack. All three are wearing red short, but it gets the many fans to block the eyes up, is that Gordon Ramsey almost matches his young son with the purpose of flat stomach and nice body.

To the image, writes Gordon Ramsey: ‘New shorts for christmas’.

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New shorts for Christmas @oscarjramsay @_jackrams3y_

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the Image has more than half a million likes. And in the comments box will be the master chef is hailed for his beautiful body.

Gordon Ramsey himself has in an interview with the us tv programme The Today Show explained about the background of his big weight loss:

‘I have eaten five times a day, but now I eat always small portions. It is much better than a big breakfast, a big lunch and a big dinner.’

It writes multiple media including the Daily Mirror and Express

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Gordon Ramsey weight also switches in between. Here are two pictures from 2019, where there is a clear vægtforskel. The picture to the left is from the month of may and the picture on the right is from the month of June. (Photo: )

It is no secret that Gordon Ramsey before 2012 was quite overweight. He weighed in fact, 114 pounds. However, in 2012, he began already to change his lifestyle.

‘I began to focus on getting in really good shape, then I had a really busy life’, says Ramsay of the Daily Mail and adds that he got a personal trainer by the name of Will Usher, who got him to ride a bike in the gym an hour each day as well as perform intensive workout three times a week.

below you can see a super-slim Gordon Ramsay in the month of October 2019.

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Wishing all the athletes the very best of luck for #kona @ironmantri today , crossing the line for me was one of the most exciting feeling ever !

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Gordon Ramsay has, in fact, to the british media, explained that it was his wife Tana, who inspired him to change his lifestyle because she was not completely satisfied with his look:

‘I weighed 114 kilos. I am so horrible looking. When I at pictures from back then, I’m thinking about why my wife was with me.Tana looks a lot better than me, and she is beautiful. And so, she should just go to bed with a tyksak as me, explains Gordon Ramsay, who still has managed to keep the weight down to around 95 kilos.

Gordon Ramsay is here photographed in 2011, at that time his body was not as firm and slim as today. See photos of the sleek Gordon down in the article(Photo: )