A new study has found that at least 60 children have been abused by the founder of the conservative catholic order, ‘Legionnaires of Christ Marcial Maciel.

It writes the BBC

the Report, which was published by the roman-catholic group, presented that 33 priests had abused at least 175 minors since the order ‘Legionnaires of Christ was founded in 1941.

Back in 2006, Maciel was ordered to retire after many years of allegations of sexual abuse of minors. He died two years later in 2008 at the age of 87 without having to be accountable for its ugeringer.

‘There are probably more cases of abuse than those in the report, and the statistics need to be updated regularly’, says the report.

According to the report, died with six of the 33 accused priests without being prosecuted, one was convicted, and a currently in trial and has been stripped of its gejstret status.

a Further 18 are still a part of the organization, but they are removed from the tasks where they interact with the public and with children.

the Report added that 14 of the 33 priests also had themselves been victims, supporting the ‘chain of abuse’, where a victim of a horseback gymnastics department stores with the passage of time itself was a børnemisbruger.

Within Maciels death in January 2008, had several persons accused him of sexual assault.

At one point denied he public all the charges in the strongest terms, and said in 2002: ‘I have never engaged me in the sort of repulsive behavior these men accuse me for’.

on Tuesday declared pope Francis, to the rule of ‘pavemæssige secrecy’ would no longer apply to the sexual abuse of minors.

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the Church enveloped the former sexual overgrebssager in secrecy, in what it said was an effort to protect the protection of the victims and to the reputation of the accused.

The new repeal of ‘pavemæssige secrecy’ is intended to improve the transparency and the police and other civil legal authorities to request information from the church.