MELBOURNE (Ekstra Bladet): She is counted among one of the WTA tour greatest talents, and with good reason. Dayana Yastremska appears already as a 19-year-old as a fairly complete player.

One senses also behind her smiling and friendly exterior, she is good at it yourself. To the world’s current number 21 is strong on the way to the top.

My goal for this year? It is to win a grand slam, she replies without batting an my.

Ukraineren felt in his own words good, when she on Tuesday morning played its rainy-postponed match against slovenian Kaja Juvan, as she in under an hour sent out of the tournament with 6-1, 6-1.

– yesterday I was very tired, so it was good that it rained, she said a little later to Ekstra Bladet.

– I’ve been a little tired and a little empty after the finals (in Adelaide, Saturday, ed.), but when I came here, I got new energy from the atmosphere on the courses.

– It gets you might also need against Caroline Wozniacki?

Jaha, it is the second time we meet. I’m excited. We will definitely have a big line, so it is nice she replies.

And the wish she fulfilled. The two must settle their fight in the second round on Margaret Court Arena, the night of Wednesday, american time.

– She is a good player. I want to see our first match again (6-4, 6-3 to Yastremska in the Cincinnati, ed.). It will be definitely not easy.

– do you Want me to reveal the tactic? Of course I will not do it. I will just play my own game, laughing teenager, who, however, lets himself be persuaded to put a few words more on his Danish opponent:

– She is patient, a good runner and she can read the game.

Sascha Bajin gives its new student council. He was recently hittingpartner for Caroline and know her inside out. Photo: Brenton Edwards/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

About himself, she says:

– I’m an attacking player. My game is aggressive. I have no fear in my game.

She has obviously discovered that Wozniacki plays his afskedsturnering, and that she can be the player, who finishes her career.

– But I do not think so much on it. Many players say that it is their last match, but then continues anyway because they love the game. For me it’s just a regular battle, but I don’t know how it will be for her.

recently, she has engaged Sasha Bajin as a trainer. The German, who was hittingpartner for Wozniacki, before he had success as a coach with Naomi Osaka.

– Perhaps this is an advantage, because he knows her well, and know some of the small details with her. But I also have my own idea on how I should play against her, says Dayana Yastremska.

She explained about its ongoing development, that she must learn to be better to make decisions out on the course. To temper his aggressiveness.

– How are you doing with the great courses?

– I like to play on the big courts, because then there is more that can see me and support me, she smiles and adds:

– It can be quite entertaining to watch me play, if I do say so myself. In the Ukraine you’re talking about, that you have to have calming pills to be able to keep to see my matches.

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