Jan Bech Andersen, Brøndbys owner, is open to dialogue, if there is a serious-invest, who will enter the football club, but perhaps he need not to invite people from Austria or Russia into. At least not if certain Brøndby-fans have luck on Friday night.

What is Mcdonalds fanmediet 3point.dk, which tells a story about some fans of Brøndby have purchased Eurojackpot coupons in the hope of hitting the big win on Friday night. According to the media, there is talk about – so far – 135 Eurojackpot coupons with 10 rows on each.

the prize pool is at 425 million dollars, so there will certainly be some opportunities to do some things in game for the money, but the probability of winning in the Eurojackpot is just not specifically great.

For each procured range is according to the Danish Game 0,000001049 percent chance to win the great prize, so it may well be that Jan Bech Andersen and others in Brøndby should not open a good bottle just the same.

With less luck smiles upon fans from Brøndby looks like it is more, that the Brøndby-the owner should look at the possibility of injecting capital from the outside.

Jan Bech Andersen has denied that he is in dialogue with the Red Bull-owner Dietrich Mateschitz, as InsideBusiness previously wrote. The media also wrote that there was Russian interest in investing in denmark.

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