Kamil Wilczek is lost to Brøndby.

Brøndby has been agreed with the Turkish Göztepe about a deal that sends Brøndbys Polish the top scorer for the Turkish club.

the Pole, who four years ago came to the club, has been Vestegnens choice. It is he, because he in the few years have been the most scoring Brøndby-player in unique in scandinavia because the history.

But now it’s goodbye. Not a surprising goodbye, because fodbolddirektør Carsten V. Jensen is already two weeks ago signaled that the goal was løbepas, if agreement could be reached with a club.

Kamil Wilczek is raised to Turkish Götzepe to negotiate the personal terms in place, after the two clubs agreed a deal.

– Kamil has with its performance for Brøndby IF over the years more than any earned the possibility of a sporting and economic adventure. Kamil will always have a place in our hearts and history. If the last details fall into place, the change will at the same time, secure an important financial compensation that can be paid back, which makes Kamils time in Brøndby IF for a prime example of how we ensure the development of the club going forward, ” says Carsten V. Jensen to the club’s website

There is talk about a trade, where Brøndby get in the bottom of the 10 million. kr. for unique in scandinavia because the top scorer.

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– I owe it to all in and around Brøndby IF, a big thank you for how my family and I have been treated in my entire time at the club, says Kamil Wilczek, among other things. Photo: Lars Poulsen.
Has lived up to the agreement
Kamil Wilczek, who is currently the top scorer in the League with 17 hits, had the possibility of a switch in the summer, but it was not at the apartment.

– This change was, however, never materialised, and subsequently, we agreed that both parties prepared themselves against the possibility if it should arise again. Kamil has all ways kept his part of the agreement with his many scores for Brøndby IF, and not least in the role as mentor and integrator for Samuel Mraz and our other talented attackers, adds Carsten V. Jensen.

Kamil Wilczek did not look like a top scorer, as he came in the beginning of 2016. He was a blur and untrained for a longer skadeperiode. But since it was only one way for the goal at Brøndby, where he the past two years has been named as the Player of the Year in the club.

– I owe it to all in and around Brøndby IF, a big thank you for how my family and I have been treated in my entire time at the club. It means a lot to me, and I wanted to pay back, which meant that I last winter extended with the club.

– Now, I hope the final details fall into place on my visit down there. It has been important for me that the club is being compensated and I am grateful that the club gives me and my family the opportunity to take on yet another udlandseventyr. Last, but not least, so I can only confirm what all the Brøndby fans say; once Brøndby, always Brøndby. Brøndby will always be in my heart.

Kamil Wilczek achieved 163 matches and scored 93 goals for Brøndby.

Kamil Wilczek

Brøndby has been agreed with the Turkish club Göztepe S. K. on the sale of top scorer Kamil Wilczek.

Here follows a blue book for the attacker:

: Kamil Wilczek.

: 32 years old (born 14. January 1988).

: Polish.

* GKS Jastrzębie (2007-08).

* Piast Gliwice (2009-10).

* Zaglebie Lubin (2010-13).

* Piast Gliwice (2013-15).

* Carpi (2015-16).

* Brøndby (2016-20).





* player of the Year in denmark in 2018 and 2019.

* the Current top scorer in the League with 17 goals.

Sources: brondby.com and transfermarkt.com.

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