19 years ago got verdensstjernen Britney Spears a lot of attention, as she during her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2001, appeared with a big yellow snake around his neck.

two days ago, she got again the attention of ‘in the snake’s characters’, as she put a post out on Instagram, where she was only wearing a snake-bikini. For the lookup wrote the 38-year-old Britney in short:

‘I can hardly wait for spring to arrive’.

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Can’t wait for spring !!!

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Britney Spears was, however, subjected to severe criticism, and net-hatred from several of his followers, who thought that she looked quite out of place in the picture.

A user writes the following:

‘I can hardly wait for you to wash the mascara and the eye shadow of a day’.

another user is even more serious facing Britney and writes:

‘Oh my girl. Each and every one of your posts worries me more and more. You look like you have a hangover and has not been in a bath for several days.’

A third writes:

‘Cut your hair, and came into the year 2020.’

Here is acting like Britney during the Smukfest in Denmark in 2018. (Photo: Per Lange)

A fourth writes ironically:

‘I have the same expectant face, when I’m on the way to my work’.

A fifth writes:

‘honestly. You need to work on your look. It is quite clear that something has gone very wrong here’.

A sixth follows write a long comment about Britney’s expressionless eyes:

‘I love Britney, and her music is iconic. But for several years I have discovered something very troubling in her eyes. They look blank, as if there is no expression in them. Her face smiles in the pictures, but the eyes have always the same expression. It is indeed heartrending to look at. I’m not trying to udskamme Britney. I’m just worried, because I love her as a person and artist. For me is the eyes the soul. And I’m always the first people in the eyes to find out how they are’.

Among the more than 15,000 comments on Britney lookups are also many who praise Britney for her beautiful looks and her gorgeous body.

A follow writes among other things:

‘Britney. We love you. For every negative person, there are 300 people who admire you. Continue to shine.’

Britney is always very active during his concerts. (Photo: Ritzau Scanpix)