‘Paradise Hotel’ is reached to the crowning of this year’s Miss Paradise, a title which year after year has been coveted by the female, and this year is no exception.

In today’s section it important photoshoot settled, where the participants must have their Miss Paradise-photo taken. It has traditionally of great importance for, who render with the title, and here breaks the 21-year-old Ida Christiansen together, so the tears are rolling down my cheeks.

– I’m really just not very good at such things here, she says to the stylist Kenny.

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She will smile back, when the session is over.

– It’s super cool that I have exceeded a limit, even if it has affected me while I have taken these pictures, she says to the camera.

As Extra the Blade catches the Ida over the phone, she knows well what the topic is, and she tries to explain what went wrong, since the tears began to come forward.

Sitting on the hammock, it was all just too much. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

According to Ida it was namely a combination of many things, culminating in what she calls a ‘breakdown’. Among other things, she could see how the other girls got laid ‘an insanely great makeup’, while she herself only got a little red lipstick.

Already I was uncomfortable because I’m not used to go with colors, ” explains Ida and continues.

I have always been called a Barbie-girl because of my hair, so I would not have pink on, and so was I, of course, pink. I just think that the whole situation was for the pressure. I was also placed in a hammock. I have taken pictures before, but I have worked a lot with my legs, and now I was placed in a hammock and had to sit down.

– You enter as new, and a few hours later starts to Miss the Paradise. I would really like to and had been delighted but I was also a pressure on my own shoulders. It all was just too much. Since the picture was taken, I also got sand in his head and the sun baked the top, she says.

According to Ida forgot she at the same time, the sunscreen, so she after a few hours was sunburned.

Film, tv & radio – 23. jan. 2020 – pm. 20:00 Big drama: Disrespectful!

How are you with that it is in the program, that you break?

– well I had a little figured out, that it would come with, and I do not think it is so cool to look back on, you get a breakdown. It is not super nice, because I can still remember the feeling I was sitting with.

A feeling of powerlessness?

– Yes, that was probably it.

Were you pressured to do things you did not want to?

– No, I didn’t feel the pressure, I felt just not 100 percent fit. You put pressure on yourself because you want to win, and then when I feel that it at all does not work, then tipping it over your head on me, that it just can’t be bothered, she says.

Ida shall simultaneously send a big praise to the stylist Kenny, who is also a sec the host Rikke Gøransson. He talked her down, so she could continue the session.

– He was insanely sweet and took care of me, he said, it all probably had to go and talked me up again. He also said that if I didn’t complete, I would not have a chance to win, and I wanted to come, she says.

all in All, she remembers back on the photoshoot as a positive experience. Despite the situation along the way.

– It was a really fun experience, it was something I had looked forward to, it was just too bad, I broke down, she observes.