south Jutland played on Sunday his last match in the autumn in the premier League, and when the team will meet again after the winter break, it will be without three of the current players.

Both Danny Amankwaa, Marco Rojas and Frederik Schram has his contract at the end of the year, and none of them have had their contract extended. It writes Jutland on its website.

the Club has also tried to extend the contract with Rojas, but failed to negotiate an agreement with the new zealander, says the team he will play Hans Joergen Haysen.

– We have not made a secret of that we would like to extend the contract, and it has also been close, but in the end we could not reach each other, and that’s how it goes some times.

– He is a technically strong player who on his good days also have added layers on our game with the ball, but in the periods when the runways have been bad, and matches are played on other terms than the terms, he is good at, so it has been hard to put his excellent feet in the scene, says Haysen.

the Midfielder Amankwaa was brought to the Border from the scottish Hearts, but has not turned to the jutland.

– We regarded it as a bit of a scoop when we downloaded Amankwaa, but unfortunately, it is not completely gone, as both he and we expected.

– He has some obvious skills, but there have also been some things he should put on his play, but it is we have not really succeeded with, and therefore he has not got the role, we had hoped for, ” says Hans Joergen Haysen.

the Goalkeeper Frederik Schram was only a short time in south Jutland, as he was brought to in the summer as a replacement for the injured Nikola Mirkovic.

Schram was quickly leased to Lyngby when Mirkovic was his injury rid.

south Jutland ended the season with a 1-2 defeat to Horsens and must spend the winter on the unique in scandinavia because the 11.-space.

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