Norwegian Alexander Kristoff wonders in these days.

the UAE-the rider has twice been hacked by unknown perpetrator. Relatively unknown at least.

a month ago, he lost for the first time the control of his official and public Facebook page with well over 17.000 followers.

It got Facebook put a stop to, but at the time of writing is so mad again.

instead of images of Kristoff in action on the bike, there are pictures of two women, one pretty letpåklædt.

It is unknown whether it is the women themselves who are behind, but according to TV2 of Norway is the images, flanked by text in bengali used in Bangladesh and India.

– I have a good friend and a girlfriend. Tell me what you want to be, reads the cryptic text, if you let Google try with a translation.

the Article continues below the image.

How to see Alexander kristoff’s Facebook page out…

But it’s not Kristoff, who is looking for either a friend or a girlfriend.

He is rather just annoyed.

I sent a new report to Facebook, to the posts spam and nudity. I don’t know why nothing happens. I reported it in the morning, but it may be they get many reports, says Alexander Kristoff to TV2 Norway.

And as if that isn’t enough, that the alien has access to his page, so have they also been so naughty, that they have deleted Kristoff even as an administrator, so he does not have the option to remove the pictures, which still is to find on the page.

the Cyclist also says that he has experienced something similar with his Instagram account, which, however, is not affected at this stage.

Alexander Kristoff under more positive circumstances. Photo: TERJE PEDERSEN/Ritzau Scanpix

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