Updated pm. 23.50: the Police have a very strong presumption that it was a false alarm.

A major rescue operation is underway at the port of Aalborg, near Utzon Center, where the police are looking for a person who may have dropped in the water.

It informs vagtchefen Mads Hessellund from the North jutland Police to Ekstra Bladet.

the Police received a complaint from a concerned citizen at 20.10.

the Police are massively present. Photo: René Schütze

A passer-by noticed a person who was walking very close to the water. When the passers-by looked away for a brief moment, was the person away. And because of it, we have a suspicion that the person has fallen into the water, says Mads Hessellund.

– We do not know whether there are any in the water. There is not someone who has seen the person jump in the water, but the reviewer was absolutely sure, says vagtchefen.

this is Why the police and emergency personnel are massively present in the port.

– We have rescue boats and divers in the water, tells vagtchefen. There are not yet any eyewitnesses on whether the person actually jumped in the water. Photo: René Schütze

the rescue workers and police are continuing the search in the havenen.

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