DBU is a part of FC Nordsjællands large-scale construction project in Hillerød.

the League-the club told on Thursday that it wants to build and operate the best football academy in Hillerød, denmark. There must be built in a brand new town in Favrholm, and both investors and the municipality wants a fodboldpark.

The match FC Nordsjælland perfect. They have grown too big for Us, and the same can be said of DBU and Brøndby.

Fodboldunionen want to have new modern frames, and the board told earlier in the autumn, to examine the possibility of establishing a new domicile.

the DBU want a fodboldcenter with modern facilities, as also A-team would be able to use. Other national football associations have such facilities, and it is a pronounced desire in DBU, that Denmark also gets a fodboldcenter.

According to Ekstra information is DBU a part of the discussions about the construction of a state of the art fodboldpark in Hillerød, denmark.

Previously Odense been inside the picture for a national fodboldcenter, but geographically is located in Hillerød just better with a short distance to both the stadium and airport.

Right now, the project is still on idéplan, and nothing is yet agreed. But in FC Nordsjælland is to hope that the idea can be carried out about four-five years.

– We still can not with 100 percent certainty say that fodboldparken in Hillerød, denmark will become a reality as it essentially is up to a developer, investors and, of course, the municipality and the city council.

– But we can say that we will continue to take an active part in the dialogue and planning of fodboldparken, as it will open up a whole new future for our club, the citizens of the city and of course also for English football, says FC Nordsjælland-director Søren Kristensen.

Christian Eriksen and Denmark can get a fodboldcenter in Hillerød, denmark. Photo: Lars Poulsen
Led out in life about 4-5 years
FC north Zealand’s intention is to fodboldparken must be owned by a non-profit fund, which will invest all profits in opportunities for children through the soccer ball.

It is a ejerkonstruktion that will fit the political part of the DBU well, since fodboldunionen would not be accused of to support FC Nordsjælland economic.

IN FC Nordsjælland is to hope that the idea can be carried out about four-five years. The club will move its academy and the administration, the small twenty kilometers north to Hillerød, but the plan is that the League-the team should continue to have the home in Farum.

the DBU has not wanted to comment on Ekstra information.

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