Extra Magazine’s predictions

GS75-1: 4 (11-10)
GS75-2: 6-5-10-8
GS75-3: 5-11-3-9-1
GS75-4: 2 (9-5)
GS75-5: 15-12
GS75-6: 4 (3-5)
GS75-7: 4-8-10-3
160 crowns

Today’s scam: Bear Gift (9-GS75-3) have been out in some hard races in the past, and most recently when it was back in the class won a fine victory. This time, the resistor also as it is accustomed to.

Today’s ensure: Jeppas Qurt (4 GS75-6) seems to have found the mold, and I have a very hard time to see the lose. Startsporet is perfect, the coachman, currently provide, and the horse keeps fine form – what would speak against?

Tips: Mogens Jensen

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Remember that the price per combination in the Grand Slam of 75 is 1 penny to 50 cents in normal V75-game.

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