In the month of august was Claudia Rex and Pelle Emil Hebsgaard the parents of a son, who has stolen virtually all of their attention ago.

But on Sunday evening they had hired the ‘dancing with the stars’-darlingens mother as the nanny to get to the Robert-concert in Copenhagen.

– We have it really good, but it’s nice to be out. It is not the first time, but it happens not so often, said Claudia Rex, in gemalen interrupted her.

– We suck up all the mom and dad-time, we can get, said the actor and television host.

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Claudia Rex is enjoying life as a mother, even though she did not hide that it also is rugged.

– It is super nice and it is piss hard. We get damn not slept very much, said she.

Pelle Hebsgaard told, that just the lack of sleep can be felt.

– One can understand that it is being used as a torturmiddel some places. It is probably the hardest I’ve ever tried, but also your luck anyway. When he wakes up and is smiling, you can easily do it all over again, he said.

even Though it is only a few months ago, Zacharias came into the world, to Claudia Rex is already back on the job in a few days.

– I return to the radio next week. I’m starting up on a part time basis, I give priority to keep anything maternity, so when he is in the crèche at a time, I go full-time, she told.

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Pelle Emil Hebsgaard is also ready to jump in your job.

– I start the recordings of a new television program that is on TV2, he said, without, however, to be able to reveal exactly what that is for a program.

– It is dry I simply do not. But I have a lot of exciting, we have learned to juggle very much and are good for the calendar now, he laughed.

One thing Pelle Hebsgaard, however, good had to say was, that he soon can be seen as the host on the TV2 programme ‘Sommerdrømme’ which comes first in april.

the Program recalls ‘the Settlers’, in which four couples will be putting a house in order. In the ‘Sommerdrømme’ is it just second homes that should be fine. The winners walk away as the owners of the cottage to a value of over two million dollars.

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