Christian Eriksen would like a new challenge, Tottenham would like to have the money in the account, and Inter will damn like to have the Danish midfielder.

Therefore, it should be equal to the højrefoden to get sent Eriksen from London to Milan, but according to the usually reliable british newspaper the Independent he may end up having to spend the next six years at Tottenham. Inter are, according to the newspaper’s sources far from interested in to pay it for Eriksen as Tottenham will have.

the Reports going on that the main character even already agree with the italians – or at least, very easily be it – but Tottenham are playing a risky game and requires allegedly more than 200 million for Eriksen.

It bother Inter no way to pay for a man who has his contract for less than six months. They believe instead that Tottenham should be happy for the 70 million – well over 30 million dollars less, than the English did for him at Ajax in 2013.

The amount described by the newspaper’s sources as ‘ridiculous’ as seen with Tottenham-glasses.

Former Italian Gazzetta Dello Sport wrote that Tottenham required 150 million dollars, while the also believed to know that Inter are ready with well over 70 million dollars to get Eriksen six months ahead of time.

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Daniel Levy is known as an uncompromising negotiator. And it can cost Erisken a quick switch to Inter. Photograph: James Marsh/BPI/Shutterstock

According to the newspaper says Paris Saint-Germain, however, ready with oliemillioner in a level, that Tottenham can understand. They have no problems with putting the amount of money that chairman Daniel Levy is after.

the Problem is just that Eriksen’s camp is worried about the risk of lack of playing time in the French team and prefer Antonio conte’s project in the Italian city, writes the Independent.

Will Tottenham and Inter have not agreed on a price for Eriksen before the transfer window closes at midnight Danish time 31. January, then Christian Eriksen endure six more months in Tottenham, while the club does not get a penny for him.

Christian Eriksen starting against Liverpool at the weekend, but got a lot of criticism and was booed out of the parts of the stadium. You can read more about here – a criticism which, incidentally, repeated in Tuesday night’s FA Cup match against Middlesbrough.

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